TallSlim Tees: Not Just for the Big & Tall

Now There Are Shirts For The Slim & Tall, Not Just The Big & Tall

People come in all shapes and sizes. Most people know this intuitively. That’s why all clothing and apparel brands offer their shirts and other products in a variety of sizes.

This realization also spawned a movement in the men’s fashion world by inspiring “big & tall” sized brands to sprout up. While this was a welcome development for many, others were asking what size options they had if they were tall but not big.

Now tall men who aren’t big have an option for shirts. TallSlim Tees is a specialty online apparel company that offers shirts in slim and tall sizes for men.

Guys won’t have to choose between getting the shirt that’s long enough but too big or the shirt that fits but isn’t long enough. Those days are over.

TallSlim Tees offers t-shirts, polos, henleys, tank tops, hoodies, dress shirts and other styles of shirts. There’s certainly something for everyone.


Founded in 2014, the TallSlim Tees brand has established itself in communities like beach volleyball and swimming where male participants tend to be on the long and lean side. And their shirts aren’t just regular sizes with a little extra length. The founder, Dan Deceuster, is 6’6” and personally develops every one of their styles.

For tall, slim men around the world (and their loved ones who shop for them), TallSlim Tees is here to provide shirts that actually fit. Or as they like to say…they’ve got you covered.

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