Live Individuals Clothing Co.: A New Lifestyle Brand for Those Who Live Out Their Passions

Live Individuals Clothing Co., a new clothing and lifestyle brand that represents a youthful expression, one that transcends race and cultural boundaries established by society today, this past month officially launched its comprehensive platform and shopping portal for brave and passionate people.

Created specifically for the fierce people who choose to unleash their inner talents and go against all odds to live out their passions, Live Individuals is an extensive international community that is comprised of individuals who wake up every day and choose to live out their dreams.

“It’s the people that way up to seize the day, take control of the moment, and blaze a path into the future that makes up our new brand,” said ______Terrylive________, Founder and Owner of Live Individuals Clothing Co. “We are more than just a digital platform, we are a total movement that wouldn’t be anything without the incredible people who make us and inspire us.”

The new Live Individuals website features a shopping section, the FW17 Lookbook, latest coverage on the brand, and updates regarding incoming styles and pieces. Right now, consumers can look through sweatshirts, hats, tees, and other types of street style, urban-wear inspired looks.

“We hope to invoke a sense of fiery, burning passion in our brand advocates when they check out our new site,” said ________TerryLive________. “Instead of throwing quality to the side for monetary gain, we’re about doing it right and providing products that can endure anything. Spread the word on the official launch of our brand, and head on over to our new website today to get a better feel for living like a Live Individual.”

Live Individuals was founded upon principles that are fueled by a spiritual purpose, quality, and original styles created without compromising values for business gains.

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