Launched in 2014, Differio has accumulated over 100 international brands since inception, and they’re only planning on expanding their brand vault.

Differio is one of the most popular urban clothing websites for their unique range of independent designers and men’s streetwear labels. They’re all about making men’s fashion different with a variety of trendy men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. Not only are they pushing the boundaries in menswear styles, but they’re also broadening the brand game by continually reeling in what’s new and trending, regardless if you’ve heard of them or not.

Devout men’s streetwear lovers could say that every new collection is kind of like waiting for Christmas morning. You’ll always discover a new indie label every season, whether it’s based in the U.S. or on the other side of the world. In the midst of scoping out new brands, they also offer wholesale opportunities, allowing plenty of resellers to reach out to them.

Some of their current brands include Kingz Jeans, SAW, Rich Famous, Red Bridge, Plus Eighteen, Modus Vivendi, Gregg Homme, and Junus Coban, hailing from as far as Italy, England, Australia and South Korea.

With a headquarters based in New York City, they’re surrounded by some of the most prominent mens streetwear brands, yet their fashion buyers still travel the world for underground brands elsewhere. Why? Because this is what millennials are after, and their efforts are paying off.

It’s “cool” now to look like you’re not trying too hard in casual clothing, like athleisure joggers and sporty flight jackets. Men’s streetwear is filtering into every clothing style, even formal and workwear. A-list celebs are trading in stiff blazers and leather loafers for denim jackets and high top sneakers. It’s even becoming more acceptable – if not stylish – to wear ripped skinny jeans and jersey joggers to work.

Millenials are the trend-hungry generation that’s boosting urban streetwear, and Differio is keeping up with their pace by staying in the know, especially across their social media channels. Whenever they’re launching new collections or products, you’ll always find out by checking their Twitter feed, swiping Instagram stories or watching YouTube videos.

As essential as it is to keep up with social media trends, diversifying their range of urban streetwear brands is probably what’s keeping their young customer base coming back for more. It’s trendy now to be the one to discover new styles and brands with the potential to go viral, rather than following what everyone else is wearing. Shopping on their site is like an experience for their customers to hunt down and show off streetwear brands before anyone else.

Pretty much every fresh streetwear trend can be found on Differio, but their range of international brands keep their styles different from what other retailers are carrying. From 2-in-1 overall joggers by SAW to stone washed jeans with screws by Kingz Jeans, their collections usually go viral because they’re so unique.

Already establishing themselves as one of the leading marketplaces for men’s streetwear brands, they’re reportedly expecting to expand beyond the east coast. Their next spring collection is anticipated to launch around February. Check their new arrivals for their most recent items.

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