The Coolest Fortnite Shirt on the Market

If you’re like us, you’re probably obsessed with Epic Games new title Fortnite. More specifically, you’re clocking in major hours in its battle royale mode, which pits you against 99 other players in a battle to the death.

Have you earned your awesome victory umbrella yet?

You know it gets down to the nitty gritty with those last few players left on the map. The circle’s shrinking, you have a healthy supply of wood, brick, and metal, and your loadout is looking might sexy: Gold SCAR, purple tactical shotgun, purple rocket launcher, a few shield potions and health packs. It’s in the bag.

What better way to show off to your friends your mastery of jacking people up, than by rocking a cool Fortnite shirt? Everyones playing it, you might as well rub it in their face.

Here’s one of the coolest Fortnite shirts out right now so you can pick up some merch for your favorite game.

Victory Royale Slogan Teeshirt Price: Victory Royale Slogan Teeshirt

Check out that bad boy. That thing goes crazy with the detail in the SCAR, of course, it’s the legendary gold version baby.

(If you can’t see it, its the same shirt in the big image up top)

That shirt goes hard!

Check this out, if you want a black version, red, blue, pink, whatever, there are all sorts of variations at the store’s shop. You can find the long sleeve Fortnite shirt and Fortnite sweatshirt on Amazon by clicking here.