Top 5 Checkerboard Vans for Women

When it comes to classic designs polka dots and checkerboard pops right in our minds, isn’t it? What if we told you that your favorite Vans are now in different styles but with check print. Yes, yes we know it sounds fascinating because when comfort meets classic, it is always the best combination.

There are different styles of footwear that Vans has introduced, and they are now available at Karmaloop for you to adorn your feet with them. Psst, they are also available in different colors too so that you could get all classy with black and white or maybe pink and white.

Classic Slip-on

Let’s start with the classic when you are just about to step out for a little what shoes do you think of getting on? Indeed not anything with the laces, buckles or velcro. It is the slip-on shoes that you just want to put on and get going.

Well, Vans has given you an option to buy good quality canvas upper and rubber sole Classic Slip-On. It is very comfy and also packs the style punch, we know you wouldn’t want to miss on that now, would you?   

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Slide On Sherpa

Oh! The fuzzy slide-on that you cannot resist. Believe us when we say we fell for them immediately, why? First off, they are hazy and so relaxing. When you are at home, you need something that makes your feet feel like you are walking on clouds with fuzz around you.

Vans did the job for you and made these designs fuzz Slide On Sherpa. They are beautiful, cushy and relaxing with good quality that will last you for some time. So what are you waiting for now? Get your pair of cloudy, classy wondrous Slip-On Sherpa today.

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Sk8-Hi Checker Sidewall

Some of those days all you need is a pair of shoes that looks classy and also pair well with your jeans and your favorite hoodie. That is when convenience is paired with the classic design of Vans, and you get the Sk8-Hi Checker Sidewall.

You ask what is good about them; we say they are made for your feet to rejoice and take a notch down from your busy lifestyle. So why not just give them a go and take our word, you will love them.

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Oldskool Checker Sidewall


You want to go with all classic look and still want to look your best and modern? Well, here is your chance to grab the Oldskool Checker Sidewall by Vans. Oldskool and Sk8-Hi have one difference, and that is Oldskool has short side walls as compared to Sk8-Hi.

For those who do not want to cover up their feet too much above ankles can get these. It is guaranteed that there is no difference of snugness and coziness that you will feel in either of the Sidewall Vans, and they look classy with this design.  

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Slip-On Sherpa

One other of our absolute favorites, now we have already told you how Slide On Sherpas feel like when you wear them at home. Now, just imagine if you could wear Sherpas outside the house too?

We bet you want that, so Vans has brought a mashup of our absolute favorite Slip Ons and Sherpas and made Slip-On Sherpas, because who wouldn’t want that feeling of walking on clouds all the time? Not that they are only fuzzy, but also they have the design that will look doubtlessly fantastic. So who’s up for them? (Raises both hands.)

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Now that you know which styles are available in the classic checkerboard Vans, let us know which you are going to pick. Because we really can’t choose one and want them all in our closet, one for each day of the week.

If just the classy look wasn’t enough, different colors have captured our heart and bound us under their spell of comfort with style. Surely, you have chosen the one you like the most or maybe get all of them. They will last you for long because of the quality traits that Vans guarantee you of.   


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