PUMA The Edge to Your Fashion and Sports

It’s the weekend and I’m like “I want to get turnt tonight but first I decide to see this movie before I hit the gym and midway into the movie someone shouts “Roxie like a PUMA” and I get caught on just one word, PUMA.

They even use it now in movies?

I know I’ve heard the name Puma a whole lot but then I began to wonder. Is there more to Puma than the fact that they are one of the world’s leading sports lifestyle companies that design and develops footwear, apparel, and accessories?

Definitely, there is and you better fasten your seatbelt because I will be taking you on this merry ride. If you a fan of Puma like me you will agree with me when I say Puma products are quite interestingly irresistible and did I forget to add POPULAR.

Okay, I get it, you’re not a fan but trust me you will soon be. Here’s why:

  • The sportswear ranging from the men running clothing to the pants and down to the footwear that gives you this chic sporty look even if that chest and biceps are nothing to write Tyson about
  • They can go with all casual wear combos
  • They give off that testosterone-laced vibe that scream’s “I’m the man!”
  • They are all shades of comfy, classy and casual
  • And just like the men, they are handsome

Let’s have a look at Puma shoes men can wear to complement their attire.


 Let’s talk about the TSUGI APEX SNEAKERS.

[earnist ref=”tsugi-apex-sneaker-glacier-gra” id=”3149″]

When you look at this beauty what comes to your mind? Let me guess. Superb? Sporty? Well, your guess is quite right but here’s what I think: all forms of sporty dressed in white overalls. I tell myself, “Okay, There’s the missing piece for that weekend outing wear.” Now here’s why the TSUGI APEX SNEAKERS is irresistible.  Apart from the fact that it’s comfy and white, Yeah I love white and I’m pretty sure you do too. It has:

  • A tongue-less, slip-on construction
  • A foot-hugging knitted textile upper
  • A sock-like fit which makes it ultra-comfortable to rock
  • A supportive ethylene-vinyl acetate midsole helps for lightweight performance

You can always rock a Puma white sneakers on the weekend or on any other day for any occasion you deem fit.  I tell you white is lovely.

[earnist ref=”black-tsugi-apex-sneakers” id=”3150″]

Okay. Let’s say you don’t like white for whatever reasons you might have. It’s okay. Don’t panic, Puma thought of the what if’s too and that’s why they considered other colours like black and blue. Yeah. They are so cool right?

Did I forget the matured look that comes with putting on these darker shades? I should so get a pair.

Running Shoes

[earnist ref=”ferrari-drift-cat-sneaker-ross” id=”3151″]

Today’s race was fun but while I was browsing through the pictures of sports foot wears on an online footwear store, I stumbled on this collection of gorgeous shoes  looking at them  closely I spotted  that Puma logo and one caught my attention, The FERRARI DRIFT CAT 5 ULTRA and I’m saying next week’s race could be more fun. Judging from what I know about Ferrari’s, the first things that come to mind when I hear that word are:

  • Super speed
  • Classy
  • Powerful

Now let’s take a proper look at the Ferrari Drift Cat 5 Ultra. You will agree with me that it looks everything associated with that word ‘Ferrari’ and guess what …It’s rated 4.1 out of 5. Now here’s what the Puma Company is saying about this foot wear;

  • It has a low-profile outsole for a low-to-the-ground feel
  • It is an upgraded form of the Drift Cat (a footwear too)
  • It has got an Eva wedge for improved cushioning. That sounds classic to me. Next running will be a lot more fun

[earnist ref=”drift-cat-5-ultra-black-quiet” id=”3152″]

The FERRARI DRIFT CAT 5 ULTRA SNEAKERS can also be rocked with your favorite shirt and pants.

When I hear TRAINERS, I think WORKOUTS.

Where are my guys that hit the gym and are so digging this cross-training drift? I’d recommend these cross-trainers for you. I heard even Usain bolt digs I and I bet it’s because of the powerful features of the PULSE XT V2 CORE which is under the ‘men’s training shoes’ category. These features which cuts across its ability to enhance your boldness and its speed and flexibility has made it one of the irresistible products of Puma.

Another Reason why I think PUMA shoes are irresistible

Support and Safety

I’m guessing when you hear support and safety you think of spotless black bullet proofed rides or guns and stuff but I’m talking shoes here man and apart from boosting your fashion sense, Puma considers that your ankle, mid foot and your heels are safe.

Apart from the presence of the insole, midsole and outsole that helps with cushioning and keeping the pressure off the ball and heels areas of your foot and thereby helping in the even distribution of weight as you walk, run, jog and even dance.

They have also Arch supports which has been incorporated in the mid foot region to provide support and stability and the ankle support which are high enough and possess padding which reduces and protects your ankle from abrasion while its moving and prevents grazing the ankle in case of a fall.

Now looking at the SWEATPANTS and SWEATSHIRTS

Puma Men Pants are very popular. Ranging from the CONTRAST OPEN PANTS with its comfy material and contrast side panel, down to the EVO STRIPE MOVE PANTS with its flexible, durable, sweat-wicking qualities fit for great workouts and to the TT BBOY TRACK PANTS which can be combined with any tee or with its better half the TT BBOY TRACK JACKET.

The same goes for the sweatshirts that are way cool, gives a smashing look and makes the ladies ooh and ahh especially when combined with jean trousers. I know at this point you will be asking right now “How exactly can I combine these to Puma Sweatshirts?”  Don’t worry man I’ve got you and since I believe that pictures speak a lot more than words do, I’d be including few pictures. Here you go.

Now that’s a Puma sweatshirt being rocked on blue jeans. I bet right now you’re so pumped to go try it out. Puma let’s bring it on.

Let’s take a look at Irresistible PUMA T-Shirts

You know, I never was a sucker for T-shirts but Puma Tees got me hooked. When I think irresistible Tees, I think Puma Tees. The Puma Tees come in various colours, the blue, grey, black and white colours that I think you just would like and also so many other colours that you might still want to try out sometime. Puma Tees are simple and yet classic, these Tees continue to stand out in every market and online shops. I bet they will call to you too just like they did to me.


Just when I thought I had said it all, I remembered there’s just one more wear that will take your fashion sense to the next level. Have you ever thought of wearing a kimono as a dude? Okay. Maybe you thought it was just for the ladies but hell no. it’s also for the guys. Now how do I mean? Remember when I said Puma has got your back when it comes to fashion? Well here’s the famous PUMA x XO MEN’S KIMONO.

The fact that this kimono was inspired and designed by ‘The Weekend’ is another edge to it. I’m guessing their inspiration came from his tours and travels around the world. Imagine blending tradition with modern day street style. Looking at this beautiful apparel we see Puma’s incorporation of rich colours, military-inspired silhouettes and an unexpected, beautiful mash-up of cultural influences.  Are you looking to elevate your outfit from Casual to cool? Well you’re looking at just the perfect apparel to help you with that quest. With the PUMA x XO MEN’S KIMONO, modern day street wear meets timeless, classical aesthetics , East meets west, the past meets the present. This Kimono with its acid-washed features, graphics and textured quality, that edge you’ve been seeking to elevate your outfit from casual to super cool becomes a reality.

Irresistible PUMA Caps.

Ever thought what would happen to that weekend’s party outfit when you put a Puma cap on it? Did I just give you an idea? Okay now let’s do this. Envision yourself, ripping muscles and all and dressed in your favourite Puma T-shirt, with jeans to match, your spot on comfy Tsugi and a puma cap to wrap up this combo. Now look in the mirror. What do you see? This sizzling hot dude that looks like he just dropped from a fashion make over oven right? I hope that’s what you see because that’s all I see from way over here. Puma caps are that final touch you’ve been searching for. They’ve got variety of colours you could select from. So no second thoughts just go right out into the malls and grab ‘em.

So to the real men out there who are concerned about their fashion sense or who think the need a new fashion-inspired adventure, Puma is all out for you. They have a lot for you to pick from. Ranging from their foot wears that seeks to add that sporty edge to your outfit to the sweat shirts, Tees and pants that make a great stand-alone Puma combo and down to my favourite PUMA kimono from the second PUMA x XO collection.

Cheers to the freaking weekend guys and let’s drink to it.

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