Our 10 Favorite Accessories For Men From The Mint Collection And The Packs Projects

You might always be in the search of new and trendy bags especially if you are a student. So, what are the qualities and features which you look for when buying a new bag? Are fewer pockets okay for you? Do you think a lot about the good material or you are okay with any material?

When buying a bag, there are a lot of considerations such as the number of pockets inside, the amount of space inside to keep in your essentials and the quality of the bag itself. Moreover, the zip closure is also checked if it is smooth enough to be closed or it will break.

Mint Camo Leather Sling Bag Black

A bag in black and multicolor with a camo design, with some amazing leather quality for those people who wish to be on the move and prefer good quality materials. A bag with a large interior and spacious space is what we require right? Well, this bag has it all even a secret pocket in the front where you can keep all your personal items.

It is equipped with many pockets for your phones, ipads and many other things and it is made up of genuine leather as well.

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Mint Camo Leather Sling Bag Blue

A blue camo bag with excellent quality leather and a lot of space inside for your ease. The sling is made up for your ease and the large interior of the bag means you can carry this bag even on your traveling experiences and adventures.

There is even a small pocket in the front where you can keep your cash and personal items such as phone and ipads. The front compartment is where you can keep smaller items. The design of the bag is such that it looks extremely trendy and modern when carried.

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Mint Camo Leather Fanny Pack Olive

Made for people who wish to stay constantly on the move and are frequent travelers, the green camo leather pack is a must buy particularly because it is easy to carry and is quite handy. Imagine you are a frequent traveler and you need to tuck in your cash and passport inside your bag, would a big bag be okay to put in these important items? Definitely not. For these purposes, such bags are what you require.

Though its exterior looks as if it is extremely small, but its interior is quite spacious and you can keep a lot of your personal items inside. So, just get it and go on for your traveling!

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Mint Anaconda Duffle Red

A duffle bag is what you require when you are aboard a flight! With an amazing and bright red color, along with the perfect quality leather material, this duffle bag might be the bag of your dreams which speaks perfection and quality.

Durable, comfortable, spacious along with gold dipped hardware and dippers, this is the bag that you should use when on a flight. Truly one of a kind and mesmerizing to every eye who sees it!

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Mint Camo Leather Backpack Navy

Ready for a trip with friends? Or even solo? Here is the deal with this navy blue camo backpack with a lot of interior space and a lot of compartments inside with a lot of detailing. From the leather to the hardware and to the zippers, everything is done to perfection. Each and every backpack is made with extreme care and a lot of devotion by the craftsmen. It truly is a one of a kind and an exclusive piece which you must buy!

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Mercer Duffel (Blue Camo)

This Mercer duffel bag is available in blue color with camo design printed all over it in blue, white and black colors. The best thing about this bag is that it is made up of genuine leather and has a lot of interior space inside. It means that it is perfect for traveling and to carry in long distances.

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Mercer Duffel (Suede Tan)

The cool tan color of this Mercer duffel bag is what looks the most attractive. It seems to be the perfect kind of bag to be taken when going to a beach. This duffel bag has a lot of space inside with many pockets. Where you could keep your stuff inside easily and is made up of 100 percent genuine leather. This duffel bag is a good choice and option to be used when going on a trip for traveling.

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Mercer Duffel (Ghost Camo)

This camouflage color Mercer duffel bag has ghost design printed on it in blue, black and white colors. This bag is made up of high quality genuine and perfect material. Its interior is very spacious which makes it possible for you to keep many of your personal stuff inside without losing it.

It is also equipped with padded shoulder straps which makes it easy to carry. The metal docks on the bottom make this bag hold its ground when kept which is a very good feature. This bag is the perfect kind of bag that one would take when going on a trip or even going for traveling on an office trip. Because it has so many compartments inside, it can hold a lot of stuff without any problem.

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Ghost Backpack (Floral Camo)

After the duffel bag, we now have this ghost backpack which is similar to the duffel bag in design but very different in structure. Why? Because this is a backpack and that was a duffel bag. A backpack is extremely handy if you do not like holding the bag with your hands.

You could just dump the stuff inside and put the straps on your shoulder and get going. The interior of this backpack is extremely spacious and has extra space for keeping in your laptop. So apart from traveling, you can even use this backpack to your college or university, even office.

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Colton Backpack (Blue)

This Colton blue backpack has such a cool blue color that is the best thing which will attract you into buying it. It is made up of high-quality genuine leather and there is a laptop compartment inside this bag as well. This must be a great help especially for college and university students.

You could just dump in your stuff and put the comfortable straps on your shoulders and just get going. The interior of this backpack is very spacious which means you could just put in a lot of books!

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Now you must be pretty sure about which kind of handbag or backpack should you carry. And what should you keep in mind when getting yourselves a perfect bag!

These bags are made of genuine leather and every part of the bags speak about good quality and perfection. For traveling especially, these bags are perfect. And most desired ones due to their added features, reliability, interior space and the perfect quality leather!





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