Minimalist Wardrobe Tips for the Pragmatic Man

Clothes should not have to be complicated. As much as the garment industry would like to influence style, true individuals know better than to fall victim to the siren call of fashion marketing. If anything, fashion should reflect personality and sensibilities; to that extent, the following wardrobe and accessory recommendations are suitable for men who adhere to the personal philosophy known as minimalism.

Becoming a Fashionable Minimalist

The current wave of minimalism comes from a trend that developed among young Japanese families around 2007. The modern minimalist trend mixes some teachings from Zen Buddhism with the design philosophy of the late Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple and inventor of the iPhone. Minimalists own fewer clothes, but they make sure that their small wardrobes are as stylish as they are functional.

Combine Functionality with Style

There is a good reason why Japanese minimalists initially honed in on the iPhone; after all, this is a sleek, understated device that offers lots of functionality. Similarly, you can make your accessories work for you without adding bulk:

The man who invests in classy, durable accessories is letting the world know that he means business.

Know How to Invest in Clothing

A white, gray or black t-shirt made with 100 percent cotton fabric is essentially the same garment whether it costs $7 or $70. A smart man who lives under the philosophy of minimalism will not think about getting a lot of these t-shirts for $7; he will only get one or two of these garments based on how they fit and look, not on how much it costs. If the $70 tee looks better and promises longevity, a minimalist shopper will not hesitate to add it to his small wardrobe.

Stay Classic

Minimalists will always gravitate towards fashion that never goes out of style. Just like a minimalist woman will have just one signature black cocktail dress in her closet, minimalist men have their staples:

  • straight-cut jeans
  • windbreaker
  • black Oxford shoes
  • white dress shirt
  • fitted navy blue suit

Along with other classic garments that can look good for just about any occasion. Some styles last forever, and minimalists are experts in spotting these trends.

In the end, less will always be more when it comes to minimalist fashion. Keeping a wardrobe down to the basics does not mean giving up on style; if anything, aesthetics should be prioritized among a few garments and accessories.