Here Are The Top 10 Shorts From Boardies Apparel And Seize And Desist That You Should Be Buying This Summer

It is that time of the year when you really need to wear shorts as jeans is not an option anymore because of the maddening heat. It is better to select a few shorts that would last you in the summer. Have a look at these top 10 shorts from the Karmaloop which are not only comfortable and reliable but also the best in price and quality both.

The Double Stripe Boardshorts in Pink and Blue

Available in pink and blue color, these boardshorts have stripes all over them and are fit to wear on a hot and sunny day out. These shorts are made of the polyester material and can be washed easily in the machine using warm water. Size availability will not be an issue as you will find these shorts in small, medium, large and X large size.

The bright color of these shorts is what attracts many people into buying them. They can not only be worn out on a sunny day but will be the perfect shorts to be worn at the beach.

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The Tropicano Boardshorts in Blue and Pink

These tropicano shorts are the perfect kind of summer-friendly shorts which you would want to wear on the beach or in a pool party. They are available in medium, large and X large size. The material of these shorts is the polyester material And they are knee length shorts so you could easily wear them in the summers.

You can see bright and vibrant leaves printed all over the shorts which gives a tropical feeling and you can definitely wear these shorts on a beach or in a pool party with your friends.

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The Boardshorts in Coral Red

Available in large and X large size, these coral red shorts are extremely comfortable to wear. And these are the perfect kind of shorts to be worn in the summer season. You can easily wash these shorts in the machine using warm water and the material of these shorts is polyester.

The shorts are so comfortable that you can wear them for a long time without feeling annoyed at all. You can pair up these shorts with your favorite shirt or t-shirt that would contrast these shorts and there are also 2 pockets in these shorts.

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The Santa Carla Boardshorts in Black

Have you ever considered to wear striped shorts? Well, have a look at these black and white striped shorts which look quite classic and attractive. These are available in the X large size and are made out of the polyester material. You can wash them in the machine using warm water.

Wear these shorts out casually or you can even wear them when you go to a picnic with your friends. These shorts will come till your knees and are the perfect kind to be worn in the summers.

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The Ludo Boardshorts in Pink

Why does everyone believe and think that pink color is just for women? This short is the perfect example for all the men out there that pink is not just women color, it can easily be worn by men as well and quite smartly. Have a look at these shorts.

The base color is pink while there are stripes in blue and yellow color printed on it. They are available in the small, medium, large and X large size. The material of these shorts is polyester and they are the perfect kind to be worn in the summers.

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The Distressed Denim Biker Shorts in Light Indigo

In summers, you do not feel like wearing denim jeans. Instead, you would want shorts or track pants to get rid of the heat. Look at these denim shorts as they are not only trendy but also comfortable to wear giving an overall smart look to anyone who would wear them.

The waist size available in this design is 32 and the color is light blue indigo and these shorts are bleach washed. There is a lot of designing done on the denim shorts such as the zip closure at the bottom and the pleads near the knees.

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The Distressed Tactical Biker Shorts in Camo

Why only denim and blue jeans? Why not wear jeans in different colors such as this biker shorts in camo color? This will give you a very modern and classic look and you will feel great when wearing them. These camo shorts are available in size 30, 34, 36 and 38 and the perfect kind to be worn in the summers.

There are many side pockets also given in these shorts so you can keep a lot of stuff in these pockets. These shorts are a mix of cotton and the polyester material.

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The Simply Butter Shorts in Black

These simple black color shorts are the most comfortable shorts that you might have ever come across. The simple design along with the jet black color makes this short to be the favorite of many. You can use these shorts as your night suit or wear it at home and feel relaxed all day.

These butter black shorts are available in many sizes from small, medium, large, X large and XX large.

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SDNF Knit Strapped Track Cargo Shorts in Grey and Black

These shorts are extremely comfortable to wear and are extremely relaxing especially if you want to wear them for a long period of time. Made in the United States of America, these shorts are made of 100 percent polyester.

You will find side cargo pockets as well as more pockets at the back of these shorts. This makes it easy for you to put inside stuff. These shorts are available in small, medium, large, X large, XX large and XXX large. Sothe availability of size will not be of any issue at all.

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SDNF Knit Strapped Track Shorts in Camo/Hi-Viz Orange

A camo color short with a unique addition which makes it very different from the other shorts of this type. The camouflage color is already very attractive and the hi-viz orange construction taping makes it look more attractive.

It has many side pockets as well as more pockets at the back. So you can easily keep a lot of stuff in your pockets. This SDNF knit strapped track short is made in the USA and made out of 100 percent polyester material.

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So, these were the top 10 shorts that you should be taking this summer and trust us. You will not regret your choice at all because these shorts are not only cheap and reliable. But also extremely comfortable to wear especially in the summers.

Some of the shorts are quite informal so you could use them to wear at your home by either making it a night suit or else for your comfort. Other shorts can be easily worn out when going in friends or elsewhere for some work. Now stop wasting time and grab these shorts before they are gone!





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