Get Ready To Bag These Sweaters For The Arrival Of Winters From The Hideout Clothing And Tag Twenty Two

Winters are on their way and you will need a lot of sweaters and hoodies. Especially if you feel a lot of colds. These sweaters and hoodies are available on the Karmaloop at very affordable prices. So make sure you grab them before they run out of stock.

These sweaters are made up of good quality material and they are not only affordable but also stylish and modern. As they all follow the latest trends and are quite fashionable and smart to wear!

Suede Pocket Hoodie / Olive


This Tag Twenty Two suede pocket jacket is available in the olive green color. You can find it in the medium, large and XX-large size. The olive green color looks stylish and attractive.

The material of this Twenty Two jacket is 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester. This is the perfect kind of material to be worn in the winters. In the front of the jacket, you will find two pockets. The hoodie at the back gives you protection from the strong winds which blow in the winters. Thus securing your ears from the cold.

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Pull Over Hoodie / Marled Timber


This pull over hoodie is available in snake brown color and is a half sleeved jacket with kangaroo pockets. The good thing about this pull over are the zippers at both sides of the jacket. You can open or close the zippers, depending upon your choice.

The material of this pull over is 100 polyester. You can easily wash this jacket in the winters and it is quite comfortable to wear also. The hoodie at the back gives added protection from the cold winds during the windy season thus protecting your ears.

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Short Sleeve Suede Hoodie / Khaki

This khaki short sleeved hoodie is available in the sand color. y=You might call it a light brown shaded jacket. This jacket is available in the medium and XX large size. The hoodie at the back can be worn to give protection to your ears when the air is strong.

There are 2 front pockets in the jacket. Material of this jacket is 91 percent polyester and 9 percent spandex material which is quite comfortable specially in winters.

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Elongated Hoodie in Black / Short Sleeve

For all those who wish to purchase a black jacket, here is your perfect chance since this jacket is available in jet black color. There are two pockets in the front of this jacket and a hoodie at the back which you can use to cover your ears.

You can find this jacket in the small, medium, large and X large size. The best thing about this jacket is the designing done on it. It has shorter bottom in the front while the bottom at the back is slightly long from the back which is the ongoing trend nowadays.

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Elongated Cowl Neck Hoodie in Marble Black

This is a very unique jacket with a very unique color which is marble black with two front pockets and a hoodie at the back. The cowl shape neck looks extremely modern and classic when worn and the material of this jacket is 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester so this is perfect to be worn in the winters.

The designing done on this jacket is great for instance the zip line at the back of the jacket along with the perfect fit which this jacket has when worn.

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THC Don Goalie Jersey

The loose fitting of this jersey gives quite an attractive look to this THC Don Goalie jersey. It is available in navy blue and green color and you must be careful not to bleach this jacket as bleaching will easily deteriorate the color quality of this jacket and ruin its entire design.

The material polyester, cotton and spandex together make this jacket to come handy in the winter seasons and makes this jacket quite different and unique from the others of its type so you definitely stand out among the crowd when you wear this jacket from The Hideout Clothing.

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Read Between The Lines LS Tee

The fabric of this Read between the lines jacket is made up of 100 percent cotton so it is extremely comfortable to wear and the font written on the collar and then bottom makes this jacket quite attractive and also gives it a very funky look which attracts men and specially teenagers who wish to follow the latest trend.

Make sure to not bleach the jacket as that will definitely ruin the color of it and then it will be completely useless to wear.

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Turtle Extended Sleeve Crewneck

This is a turtle neck sweater with an ornate design perfect to be worn in the winters to get safe from the cold weather. The gray color gives quite a suttle look and you can find this sweater in the small, medium, X large, XX large and the XXX large size so there are a lot of size options when you  decide to buy this jacket.

Do not bleach this sweater as bleaching will make the grey color completely fade and then this sweater will be completely useless to wear.

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Paradise Velour Crewneck

This black stone colored sweater from The Hideout Clothing has the word paradise embroided in the front of it. This sweater is made of the polyester, cotton and spandex material. It is quite comfortable sweater to be worn in the winters.

You can wash this sweater yourself lightly by hand or in the machine but do not bleach it nor should you give it for dry cleaning as that can easily deteriorate and ruin your sweater. Pair up this sweater with some nice fitted jeans and nice joggers and then you will be all ready to look handsome and head out for a perfect outing.

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THC Don Goalie Jersey

This jersey is available in many sizes small, medium, large, X large, XX large and the XXX large size. You can find this jersey in the off white color with blue stripes design on it. The alphabets THC are printed on the front on this jacket.

The materials polyester, cotton and spandex together make this jersey worth wearing in the winters. The temperature of the water should not be more than thirty degrees. Else you will see that the jacket will no longer be of use if the temperature exceeds more than this.

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So, you must have found out a great deal about these 10 sweaters which you can now easily select to buy when the winter season arrives. This collection of sweaters is the latest one and quite modern and classy.

You must take care of the sweaters and jerseys. So as to not bleach or dry clean them if you want a long life of these jerseys and sweaters. Winters are soon about to come so better to shop these sweaters before they run completely out of stock!

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