Follow The Latest Fashion With These Brands 8 And 9 Clothing And Astorre Cut + Stew

Why not buy some knit tops of the latest cuts, design, and fashion? You men have all the rights to follow the latest trends and fashions and the complete right to look good as the women have. So, we have mentioned the top 10 knit tops for you from the brand 8 and 9 Clothing and the Astorre Cut + Stew!

Head over to the Karmaloop where you can find so many of the knit tops of the latest fashion in attractive and nice colors and do some shopping!

The Eat Shit Rugby Jersey in Black and Red

With the finest of materials, this rugby jersey is one of the most popular jerseys available out there. The font written in the front of the jersey on the red color ‘eat shit’ can be a message which you want to convey out to many people!

It’s basically a full sleeved jersey having three different colors in it, black, red and white. You can find this jersey in the medium, XXX-large and the 4 X large size. At the back, you will find the words ‘and die’ which are the continuation of the font written on the front ‘eat shit’.

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The Bereaved Polo Shirt in Black

The designing done on this jersey follows the brand name ‘ 8 and 9 Clothing’ by having the number 8 embroided on one sleeve. While number 9 embroided on the other sleeve in bold red colors. It’s basically a polo shirt with a nice fit which looks great when worn.

There are three colors in this polo shirt, black, red and a bit of green done on the sleeves. As it is a half-sleeved shirt, you can also wear it in the summers.The material is super comfortable so enjoy wearing it!

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The Memorial Embroidered Polo Shirt in Grey

A very light colored polo shirt in grey, with an embroided patch at the bottom. And a tattoo like design on the front near the collar, this polo shirt speaks all about class. You can find it in the sizes medium, large, X large, XX large and the XXX large size. So you have plenty of options to choose from the sizes.

You will receive 100 percent customer satisfaction if you shop from the brand 8 And 9 Clothing. If for instance after delivery, you find any issues with the shirt you receive, you can always get it exchanged.

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The Any Means Polo Shirt in Stealth Black

This polo shirt is one of a kind and a classic and extraordinary piece which you will not find anywhere else so better check out what this polo shirt offers. With embroidery done at the back, patches on both the sleeves and the chest, this polo shirt is extremely attractive.

The material of this polo shirt is also quite comfortable so you can easily wear it in the summer seasons without feeling uneasy at all.

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The Dice Henley in Black

Available in the medium and large size, and made out of the finest quality material and spun cotton. This Henley t-shirt is super soft and durable to wear. The embroidery done on it is of the next level. And the curved hem on the bottom adds more about the designing done on it.

There is a patch at the bottom while a lot of embroideries done on the sleeves with jet black color. So just rush on to get this t-shirt because you will not find many of this material to wear in the summer season.

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RUDY SS Hoody – Maroon

A hoodie at the back which you can wear to avoid the strong winds to protect your ears and a leathered triangle neck in the front, along with having a kangaroo pocket in the front where you can keep your personal items, this brands t-shirts are quite classy and follow the latest trends as well.

You can find this t-shirt in the small, medium, large and the X large size. And if you pair up this t-shirt with a nice pair of jeans you will look good for sure!

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Left Chest Logo SS Hoody – Heather Gray

This light grey hoodie t-shirt is a nice and comfortable t-shirt with a hoodie which you can wear if you want to. The top quality features of this t-shirt include kangaroo pockets in the front. The embroided logo A on the chest with golden and maroon color and the triangular neckline in a brown patch on the front.

The price of this hoodie t-shirt has been reduced a lot. So all of you who are trying to find clothes in moderate prices head out to buy this one!

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Heart of a Lion, Soul of a Servant Polo – Red/Navy Stripe

An extremely attractive polo shirt with the colors, navy blue, red and grey. This polo shirt is extremely popular so do have a look at it. It has stripes all over the front and back of it in the colors red and navy blue. While the sleeves are plain navy blue in color. The collar is grey in color and at the front, there are some fonts written out in golden color.

You can find out this polo shirt in the small, medium, large and X large color and this looks great when worn. So do think about buying this one!

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Heart of a Lion, Soul of a Servant Polo – Grey/Brown

You can find out this polo shirt in the grey and brown colors. Available sizes are small, medium, large and X large size. You will view that this polo shirt has a chest embroidery done on while the collar is of blue color.

Pair up this polo shirt with a nice pair of jeans and you will look absolutely handsome and attractive!

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Big Logo SS Hoody – Heather Gray

In this hoodie t-shirt, the logo of the brand A is appliqued on the front in a big size in the colors grey and maroon. You can find this polo shirt in the color grey and brown. It is available in the X small, small, medium, large and the X large size.

You can pair up this hoodie with nice jeans. Best thing about this hoodie is that you can wear it both in summers and winters due to half sleeves. You can wear the hoodie when you want to avoid the strong winds reaching your ears.

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So, these were the top 10 knit tops to wear this season for all the men out there. Head over to the Karmaloop and find out nice tops from the brand 8 And 9 Clothing and Astorre Cut + Stew!

These tops are great for casual parties and formal occasions. There are plenty of design to choose from and plenty of colors as well. So do not be late and head over now to select these tops from a wide variety before they are out of stock!













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