Find Out The Best Quality Wallets For Men From The Mint And Packs Project Latest Collection

What exactly do you look for in a men wallet when you go for buying it? Do you check if it is made up of genuine leather? Or you see the design? The number of pockets inside it? Whether it is slim fit or not? Maybe all of the above.

Yes, it is true that when buying a wallet you take a look at many of the things. Since a wallet is a basic use, men are pretty choosy in picking up one for themselves. Below, you will find out a few wallets from the Mint and Packs Project collection on Karmaloop. Head over to the website to find out the latest designs of wallets for men out there.

Mint Croc Red Cardholder

A handmade croc red wallet perhaps? Have a look at it. It is exquisitely handmade by artisans and has a crocodile leather which is pink in color. This wallet can space 3 to 4 cards inside it on the front side. In the middle slot, you can keep the cash as well as 5 to 6 cards.

At the back, there are 3 card slots where you can keep 9 cards. So, there is a lot of space where you can keep cash and cards. Have a look at this wallet for sure.

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This men wallet is made up of camo nylon magnetic bifold. It is basically a handmade wallet for men. The front side of the wallet has the space to hold 3 cards. The middle slot is basically for cash and can accommodate 5 cards. At the back, you can keep inside 9 cards.

The price of this camo nylon magnetic bifold wallet has been reduced to a discount so have a look at it. This kind of wallet is truly one of a kind.

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This camo nylon card wallet has a ghost camo pattern and there are 3 slots in this wallet. You will find that this card wallet has a lot of space inside. The 2 cash slots can be filled with different kinds of currencies. If you do not want to put in cash, you can also put in just the cards.

The chain and the carabiner is gold plated which adds to the value of this wallet. This wallet is an ideal one to carry it around when you have plenty of cash.

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This Camo nylon ultra slim wallet is a handmade wallet made from ballistic nylon. In total, there are 3 slots inside. Within the first slot, you can put in 3 cards. In the second slot, you can keep inside 5 cards. Whereas, in the third slot, you can fit in 9 cards. You can also keep inside just cash instead of cards.

However, since it is an ultra slim wallet, cards are preferred more than cash. The camo designing done on the wallet attracts people to buy it.

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Mint Camo Leather Zip Wallet Black

This mint camo leather zip wallet is a handmade wallet made by the artisans. You will find a lot of interior space inside this wallet and 3 compartments. You can put in cash, coins or cards within this wallet.

The chain of the wallet along with the carabiner is made up of a gold plated chain which adds to the value of this wallet. This wallet has been reduced to a great deal so you must have a look at it.

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Mint Croc White Coin Wallet

A single look at this mint croc coin wallet and you will feel it is a royal wallet. The color white is the main reason for its royal look. The crisp and clear white color, the gold-plated chain and carabiner, this wallet is truly one of a kind. You will not regret buying this wallet at all.

One thing which you need to make sure is that the white color will often get dirty. So, make sure that you regularly clean the wallet. This wallet is also the ideal one to keep inside.

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Mint Python Black Card Holder

This mint python card holder is the ideal wallet to keep your cards. The price of this card holder has been reduced to a great level. The leather of this card holder is made by the crocodile skin. The leather is textured which adds to the beauty of this card holder.

There are 3 slots in total inside this card holder. In each slot, you can either put in cash, cards or even coins. Altogether, this wallet is a safe option to keep money and you will not regret your choice.

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Mint Black Crocodile Money Clip

The leather of this black crocodile money clip wallet is handmade and that too from the skin of crocodile. This is a 100 percent genuine leather wallet. You will find 4 card slots inside this wallet.

This wallet has a very unique and slim design. Attached inside the wallet is also a credit card safe mini clip. This mini clip ensures that your credit card can never get lost. This feature makes this wallet to be extremely popular. The price has been reduced to a great extent so do buy it.

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Mint Camo Smell Absorbent Coin Wallet

As the name suggests, this mint camo coin wallet is a masterpiece due to its smell absorbent feature. The smell absorbent feature is such that it prevents the smell of coins and money from prevailing within the wallet.

This is truly a one of a kind wallet. There are altogether 3 slots inside the wallet in which you can put in a variety of stuff inside. You can put in cash, coins, and cards as you desire. The chain and the carabiner both are gold plated which adds to the beauty of this wallet.

[earnist ref=”mint-camo-smell-absorbent-coin” id=”3339″]

Mint Stingray Card Holder

Available in the jet black color, this mint stingray card holder is made up of 100 percent genuine leather. The best thing about this card holder is that the leather is handmade by artisans and that too out of the crocodile leather.

There is a lot of space inside where you can put in a lot of cards. You do not have to worry about your cards falling down because this card holder is the best one. It is of a slim fit design and can hold up to 18 cards inside it.

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Mint Stingray Zip Wallet

The style, texture, and leather of this wallet is similar to the biggest branded wallets that you must have seen. This is a great quality wallet. Only one look at it, and you won’t have to think twice even before buying it. You will surely not regret taking this wallet.

This wallet has a small pouch where you can keep inside as many coins as you want to. There is a lot of space inside where you can keep your cash. The zip is extremely smooth and easy to open and close.

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Ashton Cardholder (Black & Red)

This wallet from the brand Packs Project is available in the black and red color as well as in cow brown color. It is made up of high-quality vegan leather. There is a lot of space for you to put inside cards. There is a central opening for extra cards as well which you would want to put inside.

A gift box is included inside this Ashton cardholder which adds to the popularity of this wallet. If ever you are in need of a cardholder, then go for this one as it is surely one of a kind.

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Kian Cardholder (Blue)

This Packs Project card holder is available in the navy blue color and is made up of a perfect and high-quality leather. One look at this cardholder and you will want it for sure. When you buy this cardholder, you will also receive a gift box. Hence, this additional facility makes it possible for you to gift this wallet to anyone you want to.

This cardholder is also available in cow brown color and both the colors are quite nice. The quality of the leather is very nice, so make sure that you buy it.

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So, these were the wallets and card holders from the brands Mint and Packs Project that you can find at Karmaloop. It is not easy to get those wallets which are made up of genuine leather. But if you look at these wallets and cardholders mentioned above, you will feel the difference.

The leather quality is so amazing and this is what attracts people to buy it. Most of the wallets are available at a discounted price at Karmaloop. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get an affordable yet good quality leather wallet.















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