5 Trendy Roial Sunglasses For Women

A single pair of sunglasses is never enough for a woman, and she is always in search of more. This is a never-ending lust and women will always be craving to buy more sunglasses. This is a desire which is never going to end.

Karmaloop offers an excellent variety of sunglasses to choose from. Below you will find 5 Roial sunglasses, and you can choose the one which you think is the best for you. There is a great variety of colors available in these sunglasses, and they are highly recommendable because they follow the latest trends.

Roial Hexa Glasses (Reflective Pink)

These Hexa glasses are available in bright pink color and are very trendy and classy. These glasses are so beautiful that they look like they are really expensive but this not the reality!

The frame of these glasses is of gold, and the pink color is really beautiful and attractive. The total width of these sunglasses is 5.4 centimeters, its height is of 5 centimeters, and its weight is approximately 8 oz. These sunglasses are perfect for summers and protect you from sunlight and heat.

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Roial Hexa Glasses (Gold)

These Roial Hexa glasses are available in black and gold color black and its glass is of black color. The frame is of gold, and they are so beautifully made that they give the outlook of a very expensive pair of glasses when in reality they are very affordable.

The total width of these Roial Hexa glasses is 5.4 centimeters while its height is of 5 centimeters and the weight is 8 oz which is very suitable. These sunglasses are made up of high-quality materials and are perfect to be worn in the sun.

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Roial Hexa Glasses (Clear)

These Hexa glasses are clear glasses, and its frame is made of gold. These are not like typical glasses but a bit different from the usual ones. High-quality materials are used in the making of these glasses and these are good quality sunglasses.

The sides of these glasses are etched and there is some detailing as well on the glasses. The total width of these glasses is 5.4 centimeters, it is of 5 centimeters in height and the total weight of these glasses is 8 oz. There is no doubt that these hexa glasses are worth buying.

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Roial Arthur Glasses (Red)

The following Arthur glasses are available in red color and are so pretty and attractive that everyone would want them. The red color of the shades itself is so pretty that they are worth buying. The frame is of gold and there is a lot of detailing on the frame as well.

The berry red color is what makes these sunglasses so popular and they are perfect for a hot sunny day. Combined with a matching outfit and a nice hairstyle, these sunglasses will surely look appealing to anyone who sees them.

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Roial Arthur Glasses (Gold)

These Arthur glasses are available in black and gold color and look like they are of 250 dollars instead they are just available for 49 dollars. This is the best indication for you to understand that they are made out of good quality materials.

The total width of these glasses is 5.4 centimeters. The height is of 5 centimeters and the weight i 8 oz. The frame of these glasses is made of gold and they are a perfect pair of sunglasses to be worn on a hot and sunny day.

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You must have noticed that all these sunglasses were kind of similar but at the same time had some different features as well. Nevertheless, these sunglasses are perfect for summer wear and comfortable as well.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to buy these sunglasses and flaunt them in front of your friends and family. You can choose any color that you like and the frame which suits on your face. Feel free to wear these sunglasses on a hot and sunny day. You can also pair up these glasses with a matching outfit and feel good.


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