5 Camo Leather Bag Styles For Women

No women have ever said that she has too many bags, shoes or clothes. They are just never enough. And then there are the ones that you can use on different occasions and settings.  

Karmaloop has all different types of bags that can make it a very place for you to shop on, not only you are going to get different styles, but you can also pick your own favorite colors. Particularly our favorite are the ones that are made out of leather.

Before many vegans turn away thinking these are not for them, wait, the surprise part is that our leather is 100% vegan. We cater to people who are from different races of life and also different lifestyles that they follow. Here are the five bag styles that we have to share with you:

Leather Fanny Pack

Here is the option of the bag for women who are always on the move and need something that can hold their personal items without stopping them or hurdling them on their tracks. This fanny pack has pretty large space that you can put your things in.

Along with it if you are on the move then definitely you are carrying your passport and identification cards. And for that, this fanny pack has a pocket towards the back that can hold just that and maybe something else important too. So when you are wearing it, you have all your essentials strapped at your waist.

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Leather Slingback

We know that all you ladies are not a very big fan of a fanny pack, well that is okay. Because we have the leather slingback that is a lot more spacious than a fanny pack, have more pockets. And also very easy to wear and can carry all your essentials for you.

Many women are used to carrying bags on their shoulders, and that is when they need a small slingback that helps them carry the extra weight on the move on their shoulders. Such that it accommodates all the things that they need to be with them at all times.

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Leather Crossbody

Let me tell you if I am asked to choose the bag style for me on the move, I will definitely go with the leather crossbody. First off, it can hold all the personal items I need to be with me on the move.

Also as compared to fanny packs and the slingback, crossbody will accommodate my water bottle easily. Or at least I will be able to hook it to the ring at the back of it easily with a carabiner. Yes, never go on the move without a reusable water bottle. Play your role in saving the environment, however, small it is, earth appreciates it.

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Leather Duffle Bag

Well, we have seen the options for when we are on the move. Here is a one when you are traveling and need something bit bigger. Duffle bags are the most common luggage carriers. Most importantly, you don’t have to check them in that not just save you some bucks but also the time too.

So you don’t have to wait for your checked luggage to show up, rather than that just get going with your adventure. And what makes this extra special is that it has gold dipped zipper and hardware.

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Leather Backpack For School

Not all of us are on vacation or on the move, some of us are just going back to school or college and need something durable and stylish. This is where the leather backpack comes into play. With its multiple pockets, it is very spacious and also very easy to carry.

Here you can see that the style meets the craftsmanship to its peak. And since it is vegan leather, it is definitely the durable choice. Again, if something is sustainable, you are wasting fewer products and doing your work to save the environment a little bit more.

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You must have noticed one thing that they all share the same camo pattern. That’s right all this collection is not just leather, but also has three colors mint, olive, and navy camo patterns. So, this makes these bag stylish and as well as durable.


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