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Interview with Creative House Strictly Original

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With their recent collaboration with PANYC State, I was quick to get a one on one with Strictly Original, a creative house duo from New York.

What is Strictly Original?

Strictly Original is a creative house specializing in the area where film, photo, and fashion intersect. I head the fashion side, and Justin Crail heads the visual side. We do everything from design collections, making music videos, and doing shooting photography. We are a bunch of young individuals going out there and making things happen.

How did you guys get started working on all these different mediums?

Great question! So Justin and I know each other from High School, and I always joked around that one day I would produce videos/film for him. After our freshman year of college, we ended up getting connected to work on a project together. From there we just worked well together and decided to create a creative house where we can give other young creatives a chance to show off their abilities. We wanted to prove that with the right support team, it is possible to create and express yourself. No matter if that making clothing, taking pictures, producing video, or whatever it is. The most important thing is getting out there and trying.

There are a ton of other great creative houses and entities that paved that way for us and inspired us to get out there and be ourselves. People like KidSuper and the ASAP mob showed us that you can be a well rounded creative individual.

Who are some young creatives you’ve worked with and want people to know about?

We have been lucky enough to work with some great up and coming artists. Coconutfam, KillaMoe, and Yellow Shoots just to name a few artists we have worked with recently. All of which are on the come up!

That’s tight. I checked out Coconutfam on Spotify and dig what I hear. Very cool. Any new projects in the works?

Our music video dropping with Yellow Shoots comes out very soon, and we couldn’t be more excited. This is a huge project for us and our head director Justin Crail. We couldn’t be more proud to show off the final product. Not to mention we are trying to get a few more videos in before the end of the summer.

In fashion news, we are about to drop a summer basic line sometime in the next couple weeks. It is only four pieces, but we feel it really captures that easy going summer vibe. But the bigger project on deck is my first larger scale collection coming late fall early winter. Work for projects like this takes months of planning and a ton of grueling hour designing. Looking really forward though to showing off our first real solo collection this winter and making a name for our selves as a true multifaceted creative house.

Awesome! Where can people find you online to see more cool stuff you’ve done?

www.strictlyorig.com is where you can find out more information about us and all that we do!

You can also check them out on their Instagram by clicking here.

Interview with PANYC State

With the recent release of their Saturday Morning Cartoons collection in collaboration with Strictly Original, I had to get a few words from the creators. Read on to see what they had to say.

What made you want to start a clothing brand?

PANYC State was created when we were in college at the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel in Philadelphia. We realized that it was tough for us to go shopping in the city and find good fitting, unique clothes that everyone else wasn’t wearing. With courses of study in business, digital design, and engineering we decided that we had what it took to design awesome t-shirts that fit our style and sell them to our friends who were also suffering from the same retail pain. We pooled our money to produce our first small run of shirts, and they sold out pretty quickly, so we decided to formally register the company, legitimize our hustle, and expand our product selections.

What’s the inspiration behind your creativity?

We say that PANYC State is inspired by the contemporary life which basically means that our designs are inspired by everything around us on a daily basis. Our designs are heavily influenced by trends that we see in Philadelphia, New York and other urban centers around the world. We design our apparel to be eye-catching, but we also focus on durability and functionality for our customers that are always on the run.

What are you doing to differentiate from other brands?

We started the brand by just producing screen-printed t-shirts but quickly realized how saturated that market is. After some long design meetings, we realized that the brand and our customer-base would be better served by us designing custom garments from scratch and manufacturing fully cut and sewn pieces.

What’s the best experience you’ve had with running the brand?

Aside from connecting with our fans and customers, we have really enjoyed meeting some really creative and ambitious designers in our travels. It is always great to collaborate and bounce ideas off of other passionate people whose sole focus is to create things that look great and make peoples’ lives easier.

What are some future goals of the brand &where do you see the brand one year from now?

Our main goal is to continue to design and produce unique apparel and accessory pieces that hopefully make our customers look great but also function well for their everyday needs. We have some big plans and announcements coming soon so stay tuned to our social media feeds @PANYCState.

If I’m in Philadelphia for one night only, a Saturday, what do I do?

That is a tough one because we all have different interests in the city, but after some discussion, we agreed on this: We will start by saying that we travel the city with our stomach, so you have been warned…For dinner, you’ll have to check out Ishkabibbles (yes it is a real place) on 3rd and South for the best Cheese Steak in the city. After dinner, go to one of (or both) the top beer gardens in the city, Frankford Hall (Frankford and Girard) or Spruce Street Harbor Park (Spruce and Columbus Blvd) for some great beer in a great outdoor social atmosphere. Finally, you have to end the night at Franklin Fountain (2nd and Market) for one of their famous fully homemade root beer floats or one of their other insane ice cream concoctions.

You can check out PANYC State and grab something from the Saturday Morning Cartoons collection by clicking here!

And don’t forget to check them out on social media:





Steady Hands Drops Beachwear Collection

Steady Hands does it again with their new Beachwear collection. The collection includes men and women’s swimsuits, footwear and beach towels. All pieces include Steady Hands’ looks, either pastels or gradients. You can take a look at all the pieces in the collection and where to cop below.

Check out Steady Hands’ website here. If your beachwear is set for the summer, they have a suite of drops that are definite cops.

Striped Tees Are Back From Bound

Bound has restocked their striped tees after many pieces sold out quick.

Found in three colorways: mustard yellow with white and navy stripes, forest and navy with white stripes, and pink with navy and white stripes.

The tees have an oversized build and dropped shoulders on them.

You can purchase yours for £35 on the Bound website.

Alex’s Stupid Shirts Releases More Beanines

Alex’s Stupid Shirts, or A.S.S for short, has come out with 2 new colorways for their patched beanies. You can now cop a navy or gray beanie with their A.S.S donkey logo patch embroidered on the front.

Per usual, you can grab your own beanie for only $8. Super nice.

Purchase one on their website here: https://www.stupidstupidshirts.com/

The Complete Jorts Style Guide


What’s not to love about frayed denim flapping aimlessly in the wind as you rip around town on your scooter picking up ice cream and dog food for your uncle? It’s hard not to pick up breezies when you got a salty pit stain on your v neck.

Although I don’t rock jorts all too often, I can understand the fascination. All the benefits of a cool breeze with all the functionality of regular jeans. They do take a hit if you’re looking for more carrying capacity, which cargo shorts do offer, but that’s a tale for another day.

Before we get into the thick of it, let’s look at some big dawgs that rocked jorts.

  • John Cena, although that’s alleged because we can’t exactly see him
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin, he’d stunner you through a dollhouse
  • Kevin Smith, he’s one half of the dynamic duo Jay and Silent Bob
  • Mark Wahlberg, both on and off the set of Pain & Gain
  • Shia LaBeouf, the fashion icon
  • Kevin Hart’s little ass

And you know what, they all (allegedly) pulled them off.

What do guys wear with jorts?

You have unlimited options when it comes to rocking a fit with jorts. You can go the formal route and do a full on jacket and tie like Tim Tebow (google it) or keep it casual and go shirtless while you’re giggin frogs. A classic is the cut-off NASCAR teeshirt to show off the four weeks of progress you’ve made in the gym while you’re slamming back Natty Lights at a street dance.

The first step to finding out what to wear with jorts is to find out what is most comfortable. That’s what you wear with jorts.

Can you wear jorts to work?

You’re damn right you can. Any office environment that doesn’t allow jorts is not an office environment for you. If Brett, your office manager, comes by and says that its unprofessional, show them this picture of Marky Mark to prove him wrong. Be sure to include the braided belt to complete the look.


What should you wear with jorts to a party?

It depends whether you were invited to the party while you were wearing jorts or not. If you were, you don’t need to wear anything at all except a jimmy cause you’re gonna need it. If you weren’t, I’d still keep on handy, either in your wallet or pre-applied ready to rock and roll later.

Jorts inspiration

If you don’t have a fine dime yet, you’ll find yourself a high rise jeans cutie in no time

You wanna talk about the pinnacle of flexin and finessin? Peep the vascular legs on this 10

Knees too pointy. 2/10

Look at this Instagram account for more jortsperation


CLTN17 Drops new Beretta Dreams Polo

Autonomous fiends and members of the Toronto based CLTN17 standby, Coalition 17 just dropped their new uniform piece. Reflective ink on a comfy French terry cotton polo is sure to break necks when you flex down the street. Don’t forget to grab a Beretta Dreams lanyard while you’re on the website, made from damn buffalo hide leather!

Use code CLTN10 for 10% off your order.

Click here to go to CLTN17’s website and snag the new uniform.

Don’t forget to follow CLTN17 on Instagram.

Clearing House: TACKMA is Having a 50% Off Sale

From now until July 6th, TACKMA is having a 50% off everything sale, so go cop some heat on the cheap.

You can update your entire summer wardrobe this week with their crewneck tees, snapback and dad hats, and a suite of shorts.

Couple that with free shipping on orders over $50, treat yourself this hot ass July 4th holiday.

Click the pic to go to TACKMA’s website.

Shop our largest sale of the year and enjoy 50% OFF everything sitewide!

Hypland Brought Back the Worldwide Hoodies

Hypland enthusiasts everywhere rejoice, the OG Worldwide Flag hoodie are back.

First created back in 2011 for their one year brand anniversary, the flags have become a brand staple over the past near-decade. The hoodie features flags on the sleeves from the United States, Canada, Japan, and more. 

Better hop on fast, these joints are sold out fast and their bigger sizes go first. Pair it up with one of their new tonal messenger bags before they’re all sold out (bye bye black).

In case you missed it, they dropped their World Cup capsule a few weeks ago as well. Peep the commercial below.


UPDATED! Changes Coming to So Wht in July

I’m just dropping an official word on the street to let everyone know what’s going on with So Wht. July will be a fun month with a few changes going on, nothing for the worse and everything to make this the ultimate source for underground streetwear on the internet.

Before that, I just want to talk about what we’ve accomplished so far this year.

1 the number of emails received to make an article correction. 
the average number of visitors we get per day.
195 the average number of page views we get per day.
10,300 the number of visitors we’ve sent to your Instagram pages.
29,400 the number of times someone went to one of your websites.


Consistent articles

So, a few months ago I hired a writer to knock out articles. I was also in my last semester of college so things eventually dissolved. Since then, I’ve moved to NYC and am on that full-time working thang. That means full-time doubloons. We’ll start banging out consistent articles again, and when I’m off I’ll get back on that grind as well.

Website redesign

Going to have a new look around here but generally, the site will still be easy to navigate. So if you read this today and come back sometime around July 2nd there’ll be a whole new aesthetic. Check it out then. In the meantime, enjoy that bright as hell orange.


So, there’s a reason for the website redesign, and that’s because I’m going to start a multi-vendor ecommerce store.

What the hell is that?

Means I’m going to open up the doors and have people sell their products to So Wht visitors. On So Wht. Think of something like HBX, Bodega, or Karmaloop before the lawsuits.

That should be ready to rock and roll by August 1st, coincidently the anniversary of the first brand article written.

Hit me up at justin@sowht.com if you have hatemail.

Update: July 10th

So, it’s been nearly 2 weeks since I dropped this post. After grinding over the July 4th weekend, I came to the realization that I a) am not good at writing daily news pieces over drops and b) suck when I try. So it’s time to bring on writers to take care of that for me. While they take care of those quick hits, I’ll be working 1 on 1 with brands to do interviews, create those brand compilation posts and big ass articles.

In the meantime, we’re still set to launch the ecommerce section on August 1st. If you’re a brand owner and want to get your page set up before the launch, check out this link to get in before then: https://sowht.com/vendor-registration

Here are a few reasons its a good idea:

  • Easier to write articles about your brand
    • With brands all in one location, it’s easier to see what’s being created and release dates. We won’t have to scour the web for new releases.
  • Include your brands in our style guides
    • Similar to the last post, we have one central location with can get most of our information from. Instead of linking out to some Carlton brand on Amazon, we can link back to the homies.
  • Mega lists
    • In case you don’t know, its super hard to keep track of all the brands coming out and falling off. With a nice database, we can make big ass lists like “best underground streetwear brands from California” which surprisingly gets a lot of searches.
  • More customers
    • With more brands listed, more styles will be featured on the website. Some of those brand’s customers will inevitably like your shit as well. So unless you’re getting less than 6,000 page views per month (as of the first half of 2018 for us), you can totally benefit from signing up and selling on So Wht.

Plus if you’re all set up before the launch day, you’re a Day 1 and will be locked in at whatever fee % you start at as long as it benefits you.