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Ethik Clothing Co. Fall ’18 Collection First Look

ethik club house crewneck

  1. Ethik Clothing Co.’s fall 2018 collection drops in a few days on the 26th. Here’s a preview of a few of their pieces coming with the drop.

ethik game assassins jacket

The Game Assassins Jacket looks like it was inspired by that Mario classic Duck Hunter.

ethik night crawler jacket

The Night Crawler Jacket with “Pray For Your Enemies” printed on the back. Very fuego.

ethik explore & conquer fleece

Explore & Conquer Fleece

ethik club house crewneck

Club House Crewneck, color blocking ain’t going anywhere.

ethik fire island windbreaker

Fire Island Windbreaker

All pieces come in multiple colorways.

You can pick up a few pieces this Sunday on the Ethik website.
Take a peek at the Ethik Instagram as well.

Unidentified Corporation Lookbook First Look

Unidentified Corporation has dropped their summer collection and hooked us up with a few shots from their photoshoot. The collection includes a number of graphic tee shirts, a coaches jacket, work jacket, and work pants. Onward:

This here black binary tee. Not sure what it says, I’m not a computer. edit: It says Unidentified Corporation. 

Funny story, we love violence too.

unidentified corporation

The Zach Thompson Gideon Dream graphic tee. Very risque.

Slick analytics coach jacket.

To complete that computer look, work pants to go with the binary tee. Still don’t know what it says though.

Additionally, included in the drop is a branded swiss army knife which we wrote about here.

Tryna buy something? Head on over to Unidentified Corporations website and pick up a piece or three.

Vibe Culture Co. is Damn Near at its Kickstarter Goal

vibe culture co kickstarter

With only 9 days left, Vibe Culture Co.’s Kickstarter $2,400 goal is 75% funded. Vibe Culture Co. is a clothing brand dedicated to celebrating the pursuit of dreams through quality and meaningful apparel.

Check out what they have to offer with this graphic from their Kickstarter page.

In case the image doesn’t load, I’ll quote Samu, the designer:

“The beauty behind art is that it has the ability to tell a million different stories. This piece in specific wasn’t originally drawn with a particular story in mind.

However, I personally like to believe it’s a manifestation of the work-life balance many of us struggle to achieve. In this case, the “blood, sweat, and tears” of labor takes the form of the red paint covering the mans[sic] face, blinding him from his true intenions[sic], ambitions, and happiness in life.

It’s the process of getting caught up in the micro day-to-day, work that often distracts us from our bigger picture.”

Additionally, if you become a backer at $35 level or more, you’ll get a few bonus pieces.

You can back the Kickstarter by clicking here.
You can check out Vibe Culture Co.’s website here.
Peep the IG as well!

Resurgence Collaboration with Traktrain Coming Friday

In a first for the brand, RESURGENCE is set to release a lightweight jacket in a collaborative effort with Traktrain, the exclusive beat selling website. resurgence traktrain jacket

resurgence traktrain jacket

resurgence traktrain jacket

In case you can’t see the images, some of the features include:

  • Bomber style neck, light jacket constructions
  • 100% polyester shell
  • Black inner mesh lining
  • Paneled styling on the sleeve
  • A screen-printed chest logo
  • Concealed zippers and a front concealed compartment for the weight

The piece will be available on Friday, August 24th for $100. Put the Patron down for one weekend and pick up this exclusive piece.

You’ll be able to buy the jacket on the Traktrain website here.
Head over the Resurgence website to see other products.
Don’t forget about the Resurgence IG account. Give that a follow.

New Capsule Collection from DIEM

DIEM does it even matter so wht summer designs

DIEM, which stands for Does It Even Matter, has released a capsule collection featuring bright colors, bold graphics, and Caribbean references.

If you’re around Brooklyn August 26th, you can catch their launch at Risbo from 11 am to 4 pm. Cocktails and sandwiches will be in full effect.

Check out their website by clicking here.
See their Instagram here.

Best White Sneakers for Men

white sneakers so wht

While many people may have a second thought about all-white outfits, it is by no means the case when comes to spicing up your outfit with white sneakers. A fresh white pair of sneakers is a must-have in all fashion fanatics’ footwear collections as it goes with any outfit. So, whether you are a minimalist or you are a collector of many colors and styles, you can never go wrong with a pair of white sneakers. White sneakers are classic, minimalistic, and with many styles, shapes and varieties making it a wardrobe essential for men.

Classic white men shoes surpass trends and only grow in style and popularity. You can pair them with a plethora of looks and styles, so it’s a staple in many men’s wardrobe. Therefore finding a pair that will suit you and your style will never be a struggle.

Best Sneakers for Men

There are many white sneakers money can buy in the market, picking a favorite and the best sneakers for men in this market involves a lot more of things to consider including quality, comfortability, price, and many more. However, if care is taken, you will find a cheap white sneaker that will bring out the best in you. Here our picks for the best sneakers for men.

Click any image to buy the shoe!

Nike Air Force One

The Nike Air Force One is a classic pair of white sneaker and is like the pimp daddy of all white sneakers. A super fresh and well-constructed pair that comes with Nike’s swooshes logo designed proudly emblazoned on the side with a well-cushioned heel to make you proud and stand tall amidst all. These sneakers offer a classic lace-up design with mesh features and are relatively low weight. You can’t go wrong with the Nike Air Force One, so, don’t wait to add a pair to your sneaker collection.

The Jack Purcell Converse

Although the Jack Purcell Converse is an old school shoe, it still manages to feature the classic athletic look. One of the secrets to picking the right sneakers for your wardrobe is to choose a pair of sneakers that will never go out of date. This pair of Converse is a mainstay for many fashion enthusiast’s wardrobes as it offers a more cutting-edge style with a black toe line detailing. It is comfortable when worn and can be worn by anyone with pretty much anything to almost all occasions.

Adidas Superstar

The Superstar was originally designed as a basketball shoe by the popular fashion brand Adidas. Adidas Superstars are nicknamed the “shell shoes” “shell tops” and “shelltoe” for their rubber shell toe piece and also regarded as one of the major modern-day influence in the rise of “sneaker culture.” This iconic silhouette is highly fashionable and can be worn with laces and without laces with the tongues pushed out. The updated version comes with textile 3-stripes, comfortable textile lining, and smooth leather upper for comfort and soft feel, herringbone-pattern outsole for grip and many more. The Adidas Superstar offers a style that will fit into a plethora of outfits in your wardrobe.

Nike Air Max 90

This is another superb creation from NIKE, although the performance technology is outdated by nearly 30 years, the Nike Air Max still offer an excellent style for modern days. The Nike Air Max provides the desired style and comfort with impressive features including a padded collar, premium upper, and a Nike branded tongue. Designed with the true Nike enthusiasts in mind, the white pair is a high-quality running and fashion shoe that is of great value for the price. So, there is no reason to not add this cool white pair to your collection.

Grand Crosscourt High Top sneaker by Cole Haan

From the luxury brand Cole Haan, the Grand Crosscourt High Top is a very sophisticated and stylish pair of high tops in sumptuous leather. They are quite durable as a result of a lightweight midsole with an outer rubber sole. This Cole Haan product is fitted with a comfort technology as well; it’s a lace-up design. Don’t be disturbed, they look contemporary and are great when paired with chinos, denim, nice shorts and more. Do not hesitate to bag one of these pairs to complement your great outlook this season.

Tommy Hilfiger Liston Oxford Sneaker

This pair is contemporary classic and designed by Tommy Hilfiger, a popular fashion brand. They are an all American sports style sneaker that goes with multiple outfits including street wears, smart casual and many more. They are very classic and feature a discreet perforated H punched into the side of the sneaker with a contrasting navy blue heel tab and the Tommy Hilfiger logo on the tongue. Adding the Tommy Hilfiger Oxford Sneaker won’t break the bank as they a reasonably priced – a perfect slip on’s with your denim and chinos for a summer holiday.

Jared Lang Justin Perforated sneaker

This pair of white sneaker is handcrafted from luxurious and elegant Italian leather with a reasonable chunky supportive sole. It is breathable, comfortable and versatile. The design aesthetic of the Jared Lang Justin Perforated sneaker is admirable with its side zip and lace-up features. You can rock the Jared Lang Justin Perforated sneaker with denim, combo and slim shorts, chinos and many more.  It’s a great pick for athleisure or casual styling, and this iconic men’s wear is a must-have for every fashion lovers.

How to Wear White Men Sneakers

White casual sneakers are one of the most popular shoes, and as I said earlier, white men sneakers go with almost all outfits. They sync in with every other color perfectly. Here are a few suggestions on how you can rock your white casual sneakers with your outfit:

With Denim

You can look just as good when you sync your white casual sneakers with denim. Go for dark denim – they’ll make the white sneakers feel more like they are the center of attention for your outfit. The pairing limits are endless, meaning you shouldn’t stick to darker jeans alone.

With Chinos

Paring the white sneakers for men with some crisp tan chinos can give you an iconic look that lends itself well to most occasions. Make sure the sneakers are relatively chunky – meaning with a decent sized sole.

With Shorts

White sneakers look way more fashionable with shorts. Sometimes, you can bend towards wearing short paired with white shirts, and you are good to go.

Go Formal

Faultless stylish outfit to impress the girls right there !

You can also break the monotony and go stylish by pairing you white sneakers with full suits. You’ll love it.

Cleaning Your White Sneakers

Once the perfect pair of white casual sneakers has been found, the next thing on the line is looking after them. As you wear them often they get grubby pretty quickly and at that moment, wearing them may spoil the great look you’ve ever wanted.

So keeping them clean and in good shape require you to prevent the problem from occurring. So, wipe off all stains before and immediately after rocking your white sneakers to avoid the muck from penetrating the materials of your sneakers. You can also spray with a leather or canvas protection spray to keep the dirt at a distance.

Final Thoughts

White sneakers are perfect essential for men’s wardrobe – a must-have for every fashion enthusiasts. With their versatility, they go with almost all outfits and can be worn in any kind of season. So, the white men sneaks are here to stay no matter what!

Awake at Three Drops 2nd Collection

The second collection from Awake at Three, titled State of Affairs, is now live and ready to get picked up from their website. The appropriately titled three-piece collection features hand-drawn political designs from creator Craig Renwick.

Fact Checker


Your local politician can’t lie through their teeth if they have none, just sayin.



Mice get fed, rats get slaughtered.



Big data guy.

Check out the Awake at Three website by clicking here.
Check out their Instagram page here.

What Men Should Know Before Buying A Pair Of Boots

Any guy that works on his feet knows that one of the most important things you can have is a great pair of work boots. The wrong kind of footwear can really wreck your feet by the end of the day, but the right pair of shoes can protect your feet and offer lots of support that keeps you up and running.

Not all boots are created equal. It’s best to do your research before purchasing a pair so that you don’t wind up with a pair of boots that are too expensive and have features that you don’t need, or with cheap boots that hurt your feet and fall apart after a month in the real world.


Your boots need to be as comfortable as possible, especially if you’re going to be wearing them for long periods throughout the day. The best way for you to do this is to look for the insole of the boot you’re looking to buy. The insole needs to be thick and have lots of cushion so that it is more comfortable for your feet when you’re working all day.

Water Resistant or Waterproof?

There is a big difference between a boot being waterproof and water resistant. When something is water resistant, it means that it is going to be resistant to the rain and other water elements, but it will still get ruined if it is soaked in water. If you buy boots that are completely waterproof, you’ll find that you are able to submerge them in water and not worry that they are going to get overly damaged and need to be replaced. Depending on where you work, you’ll need to decipher if waterproof or water resistant is the best fit for your needs.

Sizing and Durability

You want a pair of boots that are going to be very comfortable on your feet, so the right size is going to make all the difference. You also want to buy boots that are completely durable and going to last for a long period of time. Because boots can be quite expensive, you don’t want to have to replace the pair that you have every few months. You can also buy your boots locally or on the internet, and it’s a good idea to read reviews on the boots you’re looking to buy before committing to purchasing them.

Safety Features

You need boots that have all the safety features that you require as a worker. This might involve a steel toe or rubber sole. No matter what you need, you should only look for boots that have these features so that you can be sure you’re safe while on the job.


While the design of many work boots isn’t exactly focused on fashion, there are plenty of styles out there that will get the job done and look fashionable at the same time. Just because you’re wearing work boots doesn’t mean they can’t look great. Shop around for a style that suits you; don’t waste your money on a pair of shoes that meets your other needs but that makes you cringe to look at. Save your money for a pair that you’ll love.

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Big Sale at Global Awareness Clothing

so wht global awareness clothing hummingbird

Right now you can get your hands on the Hummingbird Pack from Global Awareness Clothing for 30% off. The huge discount on an already inexpensive pair of products is a no-brainer.

The Hummingbird Pack contains a tee printed in iridescent gold foil and an embroidered hoodie created to celebrate Earth Day. The hummingbird was chosen because it represents the mutualism in nature between the bird and flowers.

global awareness clothing so wht

You can pick up the Hummingbird tee for $10.50 and the Hummingbird hoodie for $17.50 today at the Global Awareness website by clicking here.

Check out their Instagram page by clicking here.

Only NY & New York Magazine Favorites Restocked

so wht only ny new york magazine collab

Only NY has restocked their most popular collaboration pieces with New York Magazine in limited quantities.

The collaboration has a number of dope shirts, both short and long sleeve, as well as sweatshirts, hats, mugs, tote bags and a skateboard deck.

Only NY is an independent brand based on the west side of Manhattan. You can visit their flagship store on the Lower East Side.

New York Magazine is a 50-year-old staple that features local culture, politics, and lifestyle.

You can check out the complete collection on the Only NY website here.
Follow them on Instagram here.