Adding vintage looks to your closet usually involves hunting through thrifts stores, looking through garage sales, and altering vintage purchases into the best-fitting find. Whether you want a fresh take on vintage or are searching for a lived-in pair of pants, there are a few things to consider when creating a vintage wardrobe. Making new looks with second-hand clothing has come back in a big way. Want to hop on the trend and get your vintage on? Keep reading for four tips to give your vintage wardrobe new life.

1. Never Neglect the Classic Looks

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We assume that you want to dress in vintage clothing due to an interest in older fashion styles. That means that the best place to start is with the classics of past eras. While you don’t have to get out a history book, when shopping for vintage jeans, it’s a good idea to check out classic Levis. The 501 jeans are where it all started. Favored for their durability and signature button fly, the 501 jeans have essentially stayed the same since their introduction to the world in 1873.

2. Shop Smart Online

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Many great vintage finds can be purchased in online clothing stores. This is an excellent way to find truly unique items that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. However, when shopping for vintage pieces, it can be difficult to determine the correct size. Be sure to ask the online seller to show you a picture of the item in question showing a measuring tape on the item. This will help you figure out if the measurements match up with yours.

3. Look for Vintage Wear When You Travel

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You may not travel specifically with shopping in mind, but that doesn’t mean you can’t set some time aside to find some incredible vintage finds. Whether your travel to New York or to New Zealand, you’ll never be able to find the same things that are in each city. Take a day or two to visit all of the local secondhand shops, and you’ll be sure to find amazing and even rare pieces for your wardrobe.

4. DIY Your Vintage Style

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Another great way to add more vintage looks to your wardrobe is to give older, ill-fitting pieces new life with a few alterations. There are many times when we are shopping through thrifts stores and find something that’s the perfect color, texture, and style. Don’t let this find go to waste simply because it is too big or too small. Take a needle, thread, and scissors and find a way to alter the piece to fit you best.

Everyone can find a way to make the vintage look work for them. Use these four tips to transform your wardrobe into a more classic style.