Women’s Fall Streetwear Fashion Essentials for 2018

Streetwear has grown vastly in the last three decades with every year bringing new and unique styles. More designers have ventured in the streetwear fashion releasing more items into the industry. Therefore, streetwear is slowly joining the mainstream fashion with most artists in the hip-hop and pop industry promoting the label. Additionally, the release of many streetwear items has increased the number of people embracing the streetwear fashion, which was only popular among the hip-hop and skaters enthusiasts in 80’s and 90’s. Designers are now releasing streetwear fashion for different seasons with white tees, rompers, and brightly colored outfits dominating the spring/summer wear while items like boots and leather outfits are common during the fall/winter seasons.

About Fall Streetwear Fashion

The 2016 autumn/winter season presented warm, rich, and vibrant colors and materials in the streetwear fashion industry. The trends have not faded in 2017 since the bright colored statements have maintained their place in street fashion today. Celebrities such as Kanye West and Rihanna have continued influencing the streetwear fashion while others like A$AP Rocky have identified with their favorites brands such as Bathing Ape. Additionally, the childhood-inspired styles and a few traditional pieces will be part of this falls streetwear fashion trends.

It is a few weeks to the cooler months of the year, and maybe you have not yet upgraded your wardrobe. Worry not since this guide gives you exactly what you need to keep yourself warm and maintain your stylish appeal from September through November. Some of the popular items may include jackets, boots, and overcoats among others. Below are some of the streetwear fashion items that you should wear this fall:

Bomber Jacket

women bomber jacket 2017

Via Nordstrom

A bomber jacket is one of the most popular streetwear outfits for most fashion enthusiasts all over the world. The jackets are not only warm, but they also add a fashion statement when won in bolder and vibrant colors other than black and navy blue. Nylon bombers with heat-reflection properties are appropriate during autumn since they provide excellent protection against the changing temperatures. You can go for solid colors for a more laid-back look or go for a youthful appeal with the vibrant or light-toned bomber jackets.

Statement Knits

women statement knits 2017

Via Fashion and Fancy

Block colors paired with bold prints on knitwear is a perfect fashion statement this fall. The prints may take a different look where you can choose for a solid color and some graphical prints at the front or back. Alternatively, you can go for a floral print all over the sweater, jacket, or the knitted jumper dress. There is also a deconstructed approach of spotting knitwear depending on your taste and preference. This may include wearing pieced together-designs or asymmetrical wear. The best thing with knitwear is that it offers a comfortable wear for autumn temperatures and you can pair it with pants and still look glam.

Shearling Coats

Shearling Coat streetwear

Via The Best Fashion Blog

The highly textured fur coats provide a mix of elegance and warmth to anyone wearing them on either the streets or runway. The secret behind wearing the plush wool is pairing the pieces with denim for a more versatile look. They come in a variety of textures, shapes, sizes, and colors including the lighter brown tones, black and a mixture of softer browns and tans. You can also choose between short and long coats as well as elegant or shaggy shearlings.


Via Elle

Boots are a must-have fall streetwear outfit for a woman looking to beat the cold in style. Ankle boots are a favorite for most women since you can readily pair them with any outfit whether a tight, skinny jeans or a dress. Some streetwear enthusiasts like Gigi Hadid have in the past comfortably worn thigh high boots paired with a short or a skirt. Leather boots for men are also functional and stylish during the cold weather seasons. Streetwear allows fashion enthusiast to express themselves in style, and the better way of doing it is rocking the boots of your choice this fall.

Leather Jacket

Via Vogue

Second skin warmth from a leather jacket is all you need this fall. It gives a classy and versatile look to a woman wearing it while it makes the men appear bold and exciting. T-shirts and jeans are the perfect matches for your leather jacket while seeking to turn your streetwear outfit from drab to fab. Pairing it with boots or trainers for both genders also gives you a classic look. This timeless classic has been part of the streetwear fashion for a long time, and it is clear that leather jackets are never falling out of place anytime soon.

Skinny Jeans

Via whowhatwear

Layering is common during fall and winter season to increase more warmth to the body. It not only adds a stylish appeal to the wearer’s outfit but it also breaks the color monotone of the plaid outfits. Therefore, it is important to consider various aspects such as the pattern, sizes and color of the items of interests. Skinny jeans provide a streamlined fit that allows you to layer the items stylishly. Men who are not comfortable with fitted jeans may choose denim as the best alternative.


Via hotwish

Hoodies have been popular streetwear outfits for a long time with most hip-hop stars like Kanye West rocking them on different occasions. A hooded sweatshirt can act as a supplemental layer during cold days when worn under a coat of your choice. Alternatively, you may wear a thick hoodie with a pair of jeans or skirt for a fresh look. You can also consider having solid colors that are easier to layer with over coats rather than the printed or floral hoodies. The prints or graphics that you choose on the hoodie determines whether it is appropriate for layering or not.

Beanie Hat

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A beanie hat is a necessary streetwear headgear for anyone traveling through the chilly autumn morning and evenings. Some people have also used it to cover up their bad hair days while others use it as a fashion statement. Designers have developed various types of beanie hats, but it would be ideal to stay away from the funny forms if you are looking for a stylish appeal. Most people prefer a black or any other dark colored beanie, but you can add life to your streetwear fashion by wearing a bold colored beanie hat.

Pajama Inspired Wear for Streetwear

Via Vogue

Who would think that your pajamas would suit the street style so perfectly? Cotton nightshirts, satin and silk pajama sets, as well as jumpsuits have entered the streetwear fashion industry with a bang with most people adopting them as their every day look. Collaborations of designers with different streetwear brands have contributed to the production of bedrooms clothes, which are also suitable for the streets. The pajamas range from the priced items to the affordable ones for everyone to wear. The boldly patterned pajamas are popular with women while you will find most men wearing light colored, plaid, striped, or linen pieces.

Faux/Fur Coats

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Autumn can be chilly especially the months leading to winter and fur clothing would be your best choice while looking for warmth. The fur coat will keep you warm and add a stylish appeal to the person wearing it. A darker shade is appropriate when it comes to fur coats although you can go for a lighter tone for a daring look. However, maintain the color to either light or dark to avoid having a dramatic look. The fur coats are highly priced compared to the other fall streetwear in the markets, but that should not stop you from getting one this season.

Wool Overcoats

Via Celine

Overcoats are a favorite for most people with celebrities wearing them to various events and functions. The woolen coats of the past consisted of long lines and minimal detailing on them, but the current designs are an eye-candy to everyone. A bright colored overcoat will add a statement to your neutral colored or black clothing while at the same time providing the warmth you require. The coats offer flexibility in wearing since you can pair them with almost any outfit and still rock. You will find most celebrities wearing this outfit (both male and female) meaning that it is indeed a high-end streetwear brand.


Autumn comes with cool temperatures and breezes in the evenings. Therefore, you should consider going for warmer streetwear outfits for more warmth and style. There are plenty of streetwear fashion items available in stores and boutiques today. Some of them like turtlenecks are great fashion statements for work meaning that most people are now comfortable wearing streetwear pieces to work wear. Designers are on the increase while more brands are making collaborations with various high-end fashion brands. This means that you might see more fall streetwear items develop every year and experience an increase in the key players in the fashion market. Remember that newer streetwear fashion trends are coming up every day, so you should be on the lookout.

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