Streetwear Classic Shoes and Sneakers That Never Go Out of Style

Staying on top of trends costs a lot of effort and money because trends keep changing at a breakneck pace. Most shoes and sneakers that come out as an icon of style lose all the attention and fame after a single season. With such fickle nature of fashion, it seems hard to stay in style all year round. Bestseller sneakers of one season are headed for the shoe scrapheap in the next season, but there are a few pieces of footwear that always stay in the spotlight effectively defying the very nature of fashion. Here is a list of streetwear classic shoes and sneakers that will never bore you or make you look off-trend!

Nike Air Max 1

Tinker Hatfield Nike Air Max 1

Source: Highsnobiety

World famous Air Max series by Nike was initiated by Tinker Hatfield when he designed the iconic Air Max 1; this was the first product of the series, and it proved to be the best as well. Created in 1987, this pair of sneakers has served as an archetype for all other shoes ever designed in the Air Max series. It was the first footwear by Nike that featured a visible air bubble which was kind of peculiar at the time, but the air bubble gained acceptance over time and eventually became a symbol of the Air Max series.

Nike Air Max 1 is considered one of the best sneakers of all times. The design is so perfect and elegant that it looks latest even today (30 years after the first release). Nike makes it more interesting as it keeps releasing the design in innovative colorways that make people drool over this age old design with all-new passion and excitement. You don’t have to worry about getting your hands on the latest Air Max 1, just buy these sneakers in colors you fancy the most, and you are ready to go for many years!

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Streetwear

Source: African American Studies

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is a chic pair of sneakers that was named in honor of basketball player Charles Taylor. The footwear quickly became a favorite athletic sneaker after its release in 1917. If you believe that old is gold, then you must don this stylish pair of sneakers because it is the oldest athletic sneaker of all times. What came out as athletic footwear is now an ultra-popular casual classic which is rocked by celebrities even on the red carpet.

Converse has released many more shoes featuring the same design with slight alterations; this makes it easier for the consumers to choose their favorite Converse All Star footwear. All sneakers in the Converse All Star series have promising designs and are edgy enough to withstand the test of time. Just choose the one’s you like best, and you can sport them confidently literally everywhere!

Old Skool Vans

Old Skool Vans sneakers


The creators of this timeless pair of sneakers have been preparing shoes since 1966. Their sneakers received special attention and love by skateboarders of California in early 1970’s. Old Skool Vans came out in 1977 and were such a perpetual success that they are still engraved on the minds of sneakerheads throughout the world. If we have to make a list of the people who love Old Skool Vans, skateboarders would be on top, they always have been and always will be, but this doesn’t stop the non-skateboarders from adoring and donning the incredible Old Skool Vans.

They are seen on streets throughout the world. The Old Skool Vans are a perfect example of shoes that withstood the test of time and became eternal pieces of footwear. There are just as famous today as they were 40 years ago. There is every reason to buy a chic pair of Vans and use them for eternity!

Timberland Boots

Source: 303 Magazine

These classic boots from the 90’s are one of those shoes that will never lose the spotlight. The year’s old design of the shoes is so perfect and timeless that it always seems like it was created just this year. The creators of Timberland always come up with fantastic ideas that make people go crazy and extremely excited about getting their hands on Timberland footwear. The company has stayed in business for about a century; the expertise, experience, and creativity of the designers has yielded shoes that will always be on trend and about style.

Timberland is a name you should trust because it has always focused on creating durable and trendy shoes for the public and has succeeded in creating such pieces of footwear. If timeless boots are on your mind, but you don’t exactly know where to look, your confusion will vanish all at once if you look at the classic Timberland boots. Timberland boots are so great that celebrities like Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian are sporting them if you think about it, these boots are vital to your fashion sustainability.

Puma Suede

Puma Suede Clyde

Source: Lipstiq

The iconic Puma Suede owes its popularity to the basketball legend Walter Clyde Frazier. These shoes were designed in 1970 when the player asked the company to create exquisitely innovative footwear for his game. Since its creation, the Puma Suede is known as “Clyde” in the sneaker world, a tribute to Clyde Frazier. It is not just the history of this iconic footwear that makes it valuable; Puma suede is amazing and timeless because it’s making and design is worth it.

These shoes are so beautifully designed that they have all the goodness of sneakers with a few additional perks; you can refer to them as a fancier version of sneakers. The captivating design of Puma Suede has maintained its fame for last 47 years ─ no doubt remains in it being in style for eternity. These shoes are available in a lot of bold colors, but the ones in black and white are most widely appreciated. If you don’t like black and white, remember that you have a lot of colors to choose from. Just buy your personal favorite Puma Suede and say hello to a style that never gets old.

PF Flyers

Source: Men Style Pro

The history of PF Flyers dates back to 1937 when BF Goodrich and Posture Foundation made collective efforts in designing shoes that stay on the minds forever. The company created many incredible sneakers and became a worldwide provider in no time. “PF Flyers” is a great name in the sneaker world and their classic high-top sneakers are just as great as their name. They have been in style for decades and are still loved by consumers throughout the world.

PF Flyers are not just stylish sneakers; they have been very carefully crafted to ensure comfort and durability. The makers made use of the insole technology that reduces leg strain to create perfect sportswear. Athletic shoes by PF Flyers are famous for helping consumers “run faster and jump higher.” What can be better than the best of style and the height of comfort combined in one product?

Clarks Desert Boots

Source: Hypebeast

Clarks have been in the shoemaking business for two complete centuries and are still serving the fashion needs of the world with perfection. All the shoes by the company are so designed that they feature the highest degree of craftsmanship. You cannot go wrong with any footwear designed by Clarks because each shoe is created with utmost care and dedication to provide comfort and quality. Having said that, Clarks desert boots are the king of the kings! This is the most popular product by this company.

Desert boots came out in 1950, and they are referred as chic footwear even today. Designed by Nathan Clark, this iconic shoe goes well with everything and suits every occasion because of its well thought-out silhouette. The desert boots became popular wherever they were introduced, and now the whole world wants Clarks. These are appealing and attractive today as they were 67 years ago if this is not a Classic then what is?

Adidas Superstar

Source: Love Vintage Adidas

The super-famous Adidas superstar that came out as strictly athletic footwear is now extensively seen on the sidewalks. It holds the honor of being a personal favorite of notable basketball players of NBA and NCAA. These super-comfortable shoes made basketball more fun and easy which is why it ruled the hearts of professional players. It remained confined to the courts for a few years and then paved its way out on the sidewalks.

Adidas has been very successful in keeping the interest of Superstar lovers alive by releasing various creative colorways and collaborations now and then. Today Adidas Superstar is one of the most popular shoes in the world and given its profile; it is going to stay popular for ages. The chic design and comfortable feel of these sneakers have made them irresistible. Once you set your feet in this amazing footwear, you will never want any other shoes.

Dr. Martens


Source: Hypebeast

Dr. Martens is a big name with a great history. The company was founded by Dr. Klaus Martens with the sole intention of providing the most comfortable shoes possible. He introduced air-padded soles and used soft leather to create foot-friendly boots. Though the company’s initial aim was to produce comfortable shoes, they stunned the world by creating footwear that featured highest degree of creativity and style along with exceptional comfort. Dr. Martens boots were embraced by various eminent groups in British culture back in the 20th century, and the clientele only kept growing since then.

Dr. Martens always produce well thought-out designs. Features that distinguish their boots from the rest include air-padded (bouncing) soles, welted construction, top shape and yellow stitching; combining all these attributes in a single product crafted with the finest quality material would yield nothing but a perfect pair of boots that never gets old. They release new shoes every year which spur momentum in the groups of people on the look-out for classy boots.

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