Your Number 1 Tool as a Startup Brand

How much is a Facebook like worth to your brand?

How much is a Twitter follower worth to your brand?

How much is an Instagram follower worth to your brand?

Can you answer honestly how much money your brand will make for each person that follows them? All three of these metrics are largely irrelevant. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some significant benefits to having a large following on social media, mostly social proof. However, there is one platform that is still king today, especially in the world of ecommerce: email.

Why is email so important?

You own it. There is no magic Zuckerberg in the sky that says you posted something wrong and your email list is gone. What you do with it is wholly up to you, and no one can take the names off that list (minus people that unsubscribe, definitely not happening to everyone all at once).

There are levels of the “fandom” on your mailing list. Here’s a list of those fans in order from most loyal and likely to buy from you again to least likely to buy from you a first time.

Previous customers

Previous customers on your email list are a goldmine. You have already won them over one time before, the odds that they buy from you again are greatly increased. Consider these people your top fans.

These people have the greatest chance to buy from you again.

Mailing list subscribers

These are people that come to your website, and your little popup shows up. They’ve browsed enough to like your aesthetic, and want to know about your next drop. They might have heard about you through word of mouth or came over from a social media platform.

These people might buy from you now.

Giveaway subscribers

These people ended up on your list because you offered them an incentive to join it. This could have been something like a contest for a free shirt. They may end up becoming actual customers, but in my experience (both as a mailing list owner and as a freebie receiver) they probably won’t anytime soon.

These people will probably not buy from you now, or ever. That’s ok.

Regardless of how your mailing list grew from zero, it should be a primary tool in your marketing arsenal. Continue posting on your social channels, but always know where the real fans, and the money’s, are at.

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