We Want to Promote Your Streetwear Brand

You decided to start your streetwear brand, and you’re ready to release your first drop. Your first shipment of gear has arrived, and your mom’s already bought her t-shirt. Now you need to get the word out about your drop besides to your 45 Instagram followers.

Promote your brand here

If you’re looking for a place to promote your up and coming streetwear brand, look no further.

We want to write about you. We want to interview you. We want you to become successful.

But we’re not going to be able to write about your brand if we don’t know about your brand. Know what I mean?

With that being said, we have to know who you are before we can write about you. So head on over to the Brand Roll Call page and submit your information.

What are the benefits

Increased traffic By having an article and link on this website, you’re going to get more traffic, and more traffic leads to an increased sales potential.

More brand awareness By having essentially a press release for your clothing line, you’re showing up in more places than your usual channels, which also leads to the next benefit.

Social proof Because you’re appearing on other websites besides your own owned channels, your potential customers, and brand ambassadors, can see that you’re serious.

SEO Your SEO, or search engine optimization, will improve by having a backlink on this website. With that link, your site will improve in the search engines when people search for your clothing brand.

Relationship As this website grows, we will be forced to start screening what content we put out. It’s still early, so anyone who submits a press release will get published. When it comes time to start auditing submissions, those with the longest history with us will be favored.

Why are we doing this

Our goal is to write about underground streetwear brands. We can’t write about your brands if we don’t know about them.

But we have to be honest; it’s not 100% altruistic. Our ideal scenario would be to write an article about your brand; you share it with your followers who start following our website.

“So you’re trying to steal my fans?”

No! If we write about 20 brands regularly, those 19 other brand’s followers will also be exposed to your brand as well.

Like previously stated, we hope that as we grow, you grow as well.

With that being said, head over to the Brand Roll Call page and submit your information. Every Sunday we send out an email asking for news, and you can email us anytime with fresh news.

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