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What is Raikago?

High-end fashion Streetwear can often be overpriced and not affordable for the everyday Joe. Luxury streetwear products can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. At Raikago, they want everyone to look and feel their best, and not having to break the bank doing so. Raikago Streetwear delivers high-quality unique fashion pieces that both males and females are able to wear. Besides being affordable, Raikago has a weekly sales page that is updated with weekly fashion pieces.

Raikago is passionate about spreading streetwear culture to a worldwide audience. So they implemented trustworthy and reliable reviews for every product. You can preview the quality of each product before you purchase any item. That way you can feel confident about every item you buy with your hard-earned money. Shop all types of unique collections that they offer, such as the “Tori XX” collection that exclusively offers more east Asian streetwear items that you will love. Check out the Dragon XX collection where you can find all things urban, ranging from modern high fashion coats, hoodies, and jackets. Need or want new streetwear shoes, check out their shoe collection.

At Raikago they offer a variety of modern designs that are unique and unlike anything you have ever seen. Raikago is best known for their top quality sewing and precise design. Each piece is made and inspected to ensure the highest quality for each customer.. As streetwear fashion is quickly growing as the new prime fashion everyone should give streetwear a try this year.

Visit Raikago to shop now!

Sole Sistas Shoe Brand

Sole Sistas shoe brand is the brand that celebrates self-confidence and self-esteem and self-respect This brand was established the summer of 2019 and comprise of strap sandals and a leopard heels that can complement any fashion outfit that you wear. The shoes are made in Italy and there is free shipping worldwide.

Sole Sistas was created by Phyllis Dawkins who is a resident of North Carolina who came up with the name Sole Sistas as a brand for all walks of life no matter what nationality or background they have to check it out today at https://www.aliveshoes.com/brand/sole-sistas

The Facebook Page

TallSlim Tees: Not Just for the Big & Tall

Now There Are Shirts For The Slim & Tall, Not Just The Big & Tall

People come in all shapes and sizes. Most people know this intuitively. That’s why all clothing and apparel brands offer their shirts and other products in a variety of sizes.

This realization also spawned a movement in the men’s fashion world by inspiring “big & tall” sized brands to sprout up. While this was a welcome development for many, others were asking what size options they had if they were tall but not big.

Now tall men who aren’t big have an option for shirts. TallSlim Tees is a specialty online apparel company that offers shirts in slim and tall sizes for men.

Guys won’t have to choose between getting the shirt that’s long enough but too big or the shirt that fits but isn’t long enough. Those days are over.

TallSlim Tees offers t-shirts, polos, henleys, tank tops, hoodies, dress shirts and other styles of shirts. There’s certainly something for everyone.


Founded in 2014, the TallSlim Tees brand has established itself in communities like beach volleyball and swimming where male participants tend to be on the long and lean side. And their shirts aren’t just regular sizes with a little extra length. The founder, Dan Deceuster, is 6’6” and personally develops every one of their styles.

For tall, slim men around the world (and their loved ones who shop for them), TallSlim Tees is here to provide shirts that actually fit. Or as they like to say…they’ve got you covered.

Learn more about TallSlim Tees

TallSlim Tees Website

TallSlim Tees on Facebook

TallSlim Tees Twitter

TallSlim Tees Instagram

TallSlim Tees YouTube

Body By LaRen

I am Erie LaRen a regular girl from Brooklyn New York Fashion is my passion. All my life I have struggled to find clothing for my body type. At the age of 12, I began to design my own clothing with the help of my aunt who was a master seamstress. I’ve learned the importance of helping people gain self-esteem through fashion. I’ve been a fashion stylist for over 10 years. For me helping curvy and plus size women were essential. By doing so I’ve been able to establish a brand – Body by LaRen.

Everything needed to achieve the perfect look awaits you at Body by LaRen. I offer budget-friendly services in Image Consulting, Wardrobe Styling, and Personal Shopping. Inquire in the book me section. The selections of clothing made available to you reflect my years of experience as a devoted designer for the curvy woman. Not only are my collections affordable, but they are also a mix of high fashion pieces and quality fabrics. I want all woman to look elegant and exude confidence no matter their size or shape.

We celebrate the vivacious curvy women here.

We welcome different proportions

Fashion enthusiasts come one come all

We will be serving must-have looks from the contemporary fashion world.

Body By LaRen website

Body By LaRen on Instagram

Body By LaRen on Faceook

Body By LaRen on Twitter

Bête Noire’s First Drop: A So Wht Exclusive

bete noire front page

In a first for So Wht, Bête Noire has dropped an exclusive piece available only on the website. The Shadow Man teeshirt is a physical representation of the brand itself:

When an explosion is hot enough, and you’re close enough to it, your body disappears, but your shadow stays there. This shirt represents the mindset of Bête Noire. Nothing lasts forever except impact. Though in 100 years, the brand may not exist, it intends to leave an impact on culture that no one will be able to ignore, even when the Earth no longer holds you or I. I hope the vibrant brick red wall, semi-transparent man and the text, reminiscent of comic book signatures, inspire you, whether or not you choose to purchase this shirt.

You can grab the shirt here, available in sizes small to extra large. With it comes a dope pin to stick on whatever you want.
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3 Labor Day Sales From New York Streetwear Brands

belief nyc so wht

Maybe Today NYC

maybe today nyc so wht

Big Labor Day sale this weekend from Maybe Today NYC. 40% off with the code Labor40.

Go snag a graphic tee or a dope towel on the cheap this weekend.

Maybe Today NYC website


only ny so wht labor day sale

You can take a cool 30% off this weekend in-store and online on the ONLY NY website. Use code LABOR18 at the checkout.

Go snag a pice from their recent collaboration with New York Magazine.

Belief NYC

belief nyc so wht labor day sale

Another one from New York, Belief NYC is offering 25% off on all items using code LABOR25. Sale ends Monday at midnight, so go snag a piece.

Here’s the website. Spend your money.

4 Tips On Achieving A Vintage Vibe

Adding vintage looks to your closet usually involves hunting through thrifts stores, looking through garage sales, and altering vintage purchases into the best-fitting find. Whether you want a fresh take on vintage or are searching for a lived-in pair of pants, there are a few things to consider when creating a vintage wardrobe. Making new looks with second-hand clothing has come back in a big way. Want to hop on the trend and get your vintage on? Keep reading for four tips to give your vintage wardrobe new life.

1. Never Neglect the Classic Looks

(Image Courtesy of Shop Canoe Club)

We assume that you want to dress in vintage clothing due to an interest in older fashion styles. That means that the best place to start is with the classics of past eras. While you don’t have to get out a history book, when shopping for vintage jeans, it’s a good idea to check out classic Levis. The 501 jeans are where it all started. Favored for their durability and signature button fly, the 501 jeans have essentially stayed the same since their introduction to the world in 1873.

2. Shop Smart Online

(Image Courtesy of Vestiaire)

Many great vintage finds can be purchased in online clothing stores. This is an excellent way to find truly unique items that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. However, when shopping for vintage pieces, it can be difficult to determine the correct size. Be sure to ask the online seller to show you a picture of the item in question showing a measuring tape on the item. This will help you figure out if the measurements match up with yours.

3. Look for Vintage Wear When You Travel

(Image Courtesy of Green Chic Cafe)

You may not travel specifically with shopping in mind, but that doesn’t mean you can’t set some time aside to find some incredible vintage finds. Whether your travel to New York or to New Zealand, you’ll never be able to find the same things that are in each city. Take a day or two to visit all of the local secondhand shops, and you’ll be sure to find amazing and even rare pieces for your wardrobe.

4. DIY Your Vintage Style

(Image Courtesy of Wonderful DIY)

Another great way to add more vintage looks to your wardrobe is to give older, ill-fitting pieces new life with a few alterations. There are many times when we are shopping through thrifts stores and find something that’s the perfect color, texture, and style. Don’t let this find go to waste simply because it is too big or too small. Take a needle, thread, and scissors and find a way to alter the piece to fit you best.

Everyone can find a way to make the vintage look work for them. Use these four tips to transform your wardrobe into a more classic style.

Brand Spotlight: Hybrid Clothing Interview

Recently I hopped on a live stream with Jordan from Hybrid Clothing just to cut it up. We talked about him starting out freelancing and his progression in starting his clothing brand. Catch the entire conversation by watching it below or hit the podcast tab and look for episode $013.

Hybrid was started in 2017 as a way for Jordan to create a tangible product from the skillset he gained from freelancing. The brand is based out of the Isle of Wight and can be found in the So Wht store.

We talked about why he uses Woocommerce instead of Shopify or Squarespace or Big Cartel, his next steps as far as his brand goes, and learning from other brands.

Destroy Store First Collection Out Now

Destroy Store drops its first collection with five shirts and a number of hats in a collaborative effort with three artists as a way to get their vision out into the world.

destroy store so wht 1 of 5

Number 1 out of 5, the chest is adorned with the Destroy Store logo.

destroy store so wht 2 of 5

Duece, getting Egyptian on your ass.

3, haters will say it’s a mix of Off-White and Palace.

Numbers 4 and 5, because three-sided shapes are good to go.

Limited to 50 shirts per design, the abstract artwork is a must cop at an easy $28 a pop.

Pick up one or all three on the Destroy Store website.
Show some IG love as well.